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Bigar waterfall – a pearl of nature

 width=We all look at least once in our lives for a place where we can escape from this too-hurried, too-technological and too-crowded reality. We all want to give ourselves a few moments of relaxation where we can just be with ourselves and put order in all the drawers of our mind and soul.

Well, this thing that we all yearn for from time to time, must be done in a special place that induces a state of relaxation and meditation conducive to a conversation with the soul.

 width=Such a place is located a few steps from the town of Bozovici in Caras Severin county. In this place, nature offers you a kingdom of beauty and color, unique in Romania. The Bigar waterfall, as we are talking about it, is among the first most beautiful places in the world, in a list made by the world geography website, along with other well-known destinations in Australia, the United States of America and the Philippines.

Formed on the river banks of the Miniş River in the Aninea Mountains, the Bigar waterfall is one of the pearls of Romanian tourism which, unfortunately, is not so well known, but which once seen will enchant you, always calling you to admire its show of light and color.

 width=The Bigar waterfall is unique in the world due to its location. Few people know that this wonder of nature is located exactly on the 45th parallel, something that gives it originality and international fame.

The beauty and ingenuity of this waterfall lies in the fall of the water over a calcareous cone covered with moss, which gives the feeling of a curtain of water in which the sun’s rays seem to bask in, offering a unique show.
In this place, you can relax and enjoy moments of peace away from the infernal noise of the city. Here, the sound of the water invites you to meditate and settle your thoughts and feelings. What can be more beautiful than watching the continuous fall of water that pleases your eyes and listening to its rustle that soothes your hearing.
 width=Unfortunately, the Bigar Waterfall is a beauty ignored and forgotten by the authorities in Romania who do not invest funds in the exploitation of this natural wealth. The traffic signs are missing, the access roads are difficult to practice, the infrastructure worthy of such a monument of nature does not exist. And yet, lovers of beauty and nature from all over the world come every year and are charged with the beauty and tranquility of this blessed place.
Hotel Alpin believes that the difficult road to the Bigar Waterfall is worth it and that the landscape that will meet you there will delight you and you will not regret the effort for a moment.
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