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Oktoberfest 2013 – the king of beer


Beer is the drink loved in all corners of the world by both women and men. The slightly bitter and pungent taste, but very tempting has become the key to every party between friends.

As beer is the drink that listens to your story even when you are happy, but also in the saddest moments of your life, find out the story that began to be written for centuries, participating in the most famous beer festival, Oktoberfest.

 width=Surely most of those who prefer to enjoy a beer on hot summer days or cold winter days have heard of this festival that has been writing its history for over 100 years, but they don’t know its significance.

The drink of all generations invites you from September 6-15 to celebrate it in a national festival that will take place in Brașov. Spilled abundantly in beer, paired with beautiful girls, ennobled with a golden history, the Oktoberfest festival is in its 4th edition in the city at the base of Tâmpa.

 width=Combining tradition with the present in an idealistic way, the Oktoberfest 2013 beer festival in Brașov is the event that beer lovers from the whole country should not miss.

It is said that the name of this famous festival was chosen at the wish of the princess bride Therese von Hildburghausen in 1810. At first this festival took place on October 12-17. In 1872, it was decided to change the period, at the beginning of September when autumn is still mild with lovers of beer and outdoor fun.

 width=Because a good beer should be drunk with friends, in a wonderful setting, Brașov is the perfect host for this festival, which is expected to have a record attendance this year as well.

This year Oktoberfest makes a surprise for the men, organizing a unique miss contest, with increasingly exciting tests in which beauty is rewarded but also the desire to have fun.

This year we are expecting major surprises in terms of the beauty contest, bearing in mind that last year the popularity award was received by the beautiful Genoveva, a lady of only 64 years. The one who won the title of Miss Oktoberfest 2012 was fitted with a beer dispenser that was fed for a year by the official sponsor of this festival, Ciucaș.

 width=In a huge tent located in the “Ion Țiriac” Sports Arena in Brașov, the funniest and most original competitions will take place, and on a stage located in front of the tent, established bands will perform to praise good beer to the rhythm of the music.

So, you’ve already packed your bags and you are heading to Hotel Alpin? From here, in the shortest time you can reach the Oktoberfest festival in Brașov to enjoy the beer festival with friends from all over the country. Then don’t forget, between October 3-6 you are invited to the same festival, but in Bucharest, to continue the fun marathon with your favorite drink…beer!


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