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Winter Holidays at Hotel Alpin

Here we are in the last month of autumn: Goodbye October! Hello, November! The trees still have leaves in hundreds of shades, the sun with fangs is still playing through the leaves of increasingly emptied tree branches, and people are increasingly huddling under increasingly more and thicker clothes. width=Housewives prepare the last canned food or pickles for the winter and look happy and proud of themselves to the vegetable stew jars and the tomato sauce beautifully organized, jams announcing a delight to the senses and stewed fruits which promise to warm and flavor the winter evenings. Of all, the artists are the happiest. Now is the time for memorable artwork. The colors the forests and hills wear are great and are a good source of inspiration for artists.

 width=We have already heard the news about the snow and the cold outside assure us that it’s no joke. Standing in a warm house with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and glancing out the window at the few children who dared to come out to play, my thoughts flew to the winter and inevitably to the Christmas and New Year. Someone inspired said we should make sleds in the summer. Summer is gone, sleds … we can buy them, we don’t have to make them ourselves.

 width=But we can do something! We can organize the last month of the year right now. Why do this now? Advantages that we thought we are that you can relax because someone is taking care for you to do something special for the celebration of Christmas, and the time that you would spend preparing meals and home for the holidays, you could offer it to your family, enjoying each other.

 width=If you haven’t yet made plans about where to spend Christmas, Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov greets you with an irresistible offer that includes accommodation, dinner and besides these many surprises. And if you are not convinced, the particular assistance program provided for your children will do the trick.


Christmas Offer

After a Christmas spent at Hotel Alpin exactly as you imagined and desired, we expect you again to honor us with your presence to celebrate togheter the new year. Our offer includes accommodation, different types of parties and a special program of assistance provided for your children. width=

New Year Offer

We guarantee that you will spend the spent in Hotel Alpin during the winter holidays will be a very special, full of magic, as are all the winter holidays spent in our hotel, in the mountains.




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