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What you didn’t know about Saint Nicholas

We already entered the most awaited period by the children and adults: the month of gifts. The first celebration of the month the children, but also the adults are waiting with great impatience is the holiday for which we must be very obedient, or Santa Nicholas won’t bring us gifts. Let’s see what is the origins of this holiday and the habits that are characteristic of this day. width=The true story of Santa Claus begins with Saint Nicholas, who was born in the 3rd century in Patara village, in the land of Lycia, in Asia, at a time when the area belonged to Greece and which is now on the southern coast of Turkey. After his parents’ death, St. Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy and sick. He has dedicated his life to God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Generosity, love for children and concern for sailors came to be known throughout the land.

 width=After his death on December 6 in 343, St. Nicholas was buried in the church of Myra and the tomb formed a liquid substance called manna. It is said to have healing powers. The anniversary of his death became a day of celebration – St. Nicholas Day.

It is said that St. Nicholas helped three poor girls in town, giving them at night without being seen, a gift of dowry. These 3 girls were very poor, and their father was planning to sell them, wanting to get rich that way. St. Nicholas heard about this evil and one night, secretly threw a bag of gold in the big girl’s room and she managed to get married very soon. Over the next two years the story was repeated and the other two small girls managed to get married. width=From then until today, every night of St. Nicholas, those who are dear to us, but especially children receive gifts from Santa Nicholas, which never reveals himself. But as many countries are, as many Saint Nicholas habits are. In Romania behaved children receive sweets and toys, and the less good … a rod.

 width=In Ghana Republic, Saint Nicholas comes from the jungle, and in Hawaii it gets off from a boat. In Poland, the gifts come from the stars, and Hungarians say they are brought by angels. In Syria presents are brought by a young camel on 6 January and in Italy gifts are brought by La Befana.

Santa Claus means nostalgia for us , nostalgia about those evening as we conscientiously clean our shoes for Saint Nicholas to fill them with gifts. width=You can give your loved ones or why not, to yourself, a gift that will surely be appreciated. A romantic dinner in one of the restaurants of Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov, or a relaxation offer in Vitarium Spa, are gifts that definitely will not be easily forgotten.

 width=We are going to shine our shoes to get more gifts. We invite you and yours to do the same too!



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