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Weird Valentine Habits

Because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and we are surrounded by hearts and chocolate, we cannot avoid the subject. Only that we’re going to tackle it a little different: we will present some peculiarities about this special day.

 width=In Japan, during this holidays, women give men chocolate of various types, depending on the type of relationship between the two: Gray-choko for bosses, colleagues and friends, Giri for obligations and Honma-chock for boyfriends, husbands and lovers, and is handmade by the women that offer it. A month later, on March 14, men have to return the gesture to the women, but they have to be carefulto offer a gift that is much more valuable than chocolate.

In Wales, during this day people offer carved wooden spoons, a symbol of love, in memory of Dwywen, patron of lovers.

 width=In South Korea, on February 14 and on March 14 there is usually the same as in Japan, but a month later, on April 14, those who did not receive any gifts during the 2 preceding months, hold mourning! They order black noodles and cry their loneliness. What is interesting is that in South Korea there are more celebrations of love: Hug Day, Kiss Day, Rose Day and others.

In Britain, in the night between 13 and 14 February, women put bay leaves under the pillow to dream about their fate. Another custom is that women write their lover’s name on a paper, then put it into a silver ball and then let go of the silver balls in a river or stream. The lucky man whose ball surface first is the first to marry his girlfriend that year.

Also China has a Valentine’s day, every day of the 7th month of the 7th Chinese calendar. This day is called Qi Xi Ji (Night of the 7th), and this year falls on 13 august. Lovers celebrated in the temple by praying to the gods for marriage, love and happiness.

 width=For Slovenia, February 14 is the day when all the plants start to grow because Valentine comes to awaken nature to life. In fact, in Slovenia, the day that celebrates love is the feast of St. Gregory.


Here are some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

• 53% of American women would leave their boyfriend if he would not give them a gift

• Each year, worldwide, are offered 50 million roses

• Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet receives during this day about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

• The oldest love poem ever found was written on a clay tablet and is sine the Sumerian times, around 3500 BC

• This year are produced about 8 billion candy hearts. Such quantity would be enough to make the connection between Rome, Italy and Valentine, Arizona 20 times round trip.

• The greatest gift of love remains Taj Mahal in India, which was built by Emperor Mughal Shahjahan in memory of his wife.

• Each year are transmitted around 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards, which puts it at # 2, after Christmas.

• For Valentine’s Day, 15% of American women send themselves flowers.

• England’s King Henry VIII declared for the first time February 14thas holiday in 1537.

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