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Viva El Mexico – Viva Los Mexicanos

 width=„It is better to die standing than to live a lifetime sitting on your knees” said Emiliano Zapata.

Yesterday 16th September , we celebrated the Mexican Independence Day which is the most important day for Mexicans, it symbolizes the day they began fighting for independence from Spain, day organized by their national hero Miguel Hidalgo.

In the following we will briefly present some facts about this wonderful country that has had many positive influences over the world culture, gastronomy, music, and so on.

• Mexico (United Mexican States) is a country located in southern North American continent, having as neighbors the U.S., Belize and Guatemala. It is divided into 31 states and a federal district. Each state has its own constitution and parliament

• The capital is Mexico City which has over 19 million people and is among the busiest capitals in the world

• The country where we meet the most Spanish speakers in the world

• 95% of Mexicans are Catholic

• The pillar of society and the most important institution in Mexico is family; this is reflected in the many family events or meetings

• Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated by Mexicans throughout the world, including the president, through dance, music, costumes and traditional food

• Mexico is famous for many things, but one of the most popular is Mexican cuisine is very rich in various flavors, which makes it one of the most delicious cuisines. It varies from one region to another

• Exotic cuisine includes dishes such as iguana, insects fried eggs ants, rattlesnakes and spider monkey. But as good meet and a wide variety of vegetarian foods, or foods that are based, chicken or beef

• Their national sport is Mexican soccer. The popularity of this sport is undeniable and goes up in there that when an important match, the entire activity in Mexico is paralyzed. Close all stores, people go home early from their offices and evening finds them all in front of the TV watching the game width=• One of the most famous brands are Mexican Mariachi, street musicians can be found in Mexican cities everywhere, waiting to be hired for a song, a serenade, wedding or any other celebration. The component group must have at least 3 members. They should be dressed in traditional costumes and wearing their famous Sombreros width= width=• Their national dance is „MexicanHat Dance” and is a dance of love. It can be danced in couples or by several dancers. The steps are not difficult. It is an easy dance to learn. You just need patience and Mexican traditional music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN-p4mUbq6k

• „La Adelita” is the reference Mexican folk song and a song with a huge popularity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwx98ofama0&feature=related width=

• There are many Mexican personalities that should be mentioned, people who had something important to say and influenced in the world in better way Mexican by their actions. We will mention only a few of them: Pancho Villa, Octavio Paz, Salma Hayek, Carlos Santana, Frida Kahlo, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez and many others

• I saved the best for last! Tequila! This traditional Mexican drink is made only by Maguey agave, Blue Agave. The region where the drink is manufactured is called Jalisco. There is no tequila made from cactus. That can be called differently, but certainly not tequila. There are over 1,000 brands. Has a concentration of 40% alcohol, which is not stronger than other drinks. The best advice we can give you, if you want to serve this drink, is not to choose by price. Not always the most expensive is the best. Quality tequila is made from 100% agave. width= width= width=


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