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Vitarium Spa – for future and new mothers

 width=Most often, women renounce spa treatments during their pregnancy. This happens in many cases due to lack of information. We assure you that spa treatments are even indicated during this beautiful period of your life and we recommend you to buy several-days-therapy packages to ensure their efficiency. The only thing you need to make sure is that the doctor agrees you follow a certain type of treatment.

Because of the pregnancy hormones go crazy and determine many changes in a woman’s body, stress reach a high level one and worries are overwhelming, all these can be observe on their skin by the appearance of acne or hyper pigmentation. Therefore, it is even advisable to follow a facial treatment to eliminate these effects. Therapy Program Health-Beauty-Harmony SPA in our hotel will provide not only a series of facials but also some very effective body treatments that will delight your senses.

 width=Of course, pregnancy and caring for a newborn means a lot of stress and strain. To relax and forget your worries, even if just for a few minutes, you can benefit from the most pleasant massage sessions. In pregnant women as well as those who have recently given birth, massage helps blood circulation, relax the joints and relieve stress.

And because we know that for this segment of customers their back is a sore point, we propose Healthy Back package whose purpose is to relax sore and especially back muscles. This way you can get your daily exercise during pregnancy and hold your baby without any pain.

Knowing that weight is generally a problem for new mothers, our hotel encourages you to follow a combination of programs specifically created to help you to return to pre-pregnancy shape and even better. We recommend you to chose from packages Detox, Slimfit or Body Shape or, why not, even all three.

 width=What is important to remember is that in the first three months of pregnancy, i.e. in the first trimester, it is not recommended to benefit from any spa treatment. During pregnancy, doctors recommend you avoid saunas, steam baths and hot body wraps. Moreover, neither colon-hydrotherapy is safe during pregnancy. Even facials and essential oils should be avoided. But starting with the second trimester, you are free for pampering and relaxation.

 width=The pregnancy and after-childbirth periods are among the most beautiful in a woman’s life, but also the most demanding, tiring and full of confusion. Therefore, Hotel Alpin offers to new mothers and future ones relaxation programs to increase their wellness, all in a setting that will surely make you feel safe. And because what the mother feels, also the fetus or baby feels, mommies will not be the only ones to relax and feel pampered.