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VelaSmooth – innovative treatment against cellulite

 width=Cellulite! Eternal enemy of women, and the men! I say this because you should not be labeled necessarily a metrosexual, so that you care about your appearance. Maybe he’ll surprise you, but Vitarium Spa – Hotel Alpin have many male clients come to enjoy the most elegant spa services in the country where you stay and where you fully understand what wellness.

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Did you know that 80% of women over 20 have cellulite?

We already know what causes cellulite. We have talked about this. And you’re only interested how we can make it go away, right?

Sport, diet and tons of cabbage soup that will have no results in the near future more or less distant.

Specifically? You need a series of sessions at Vitarium Spa where you can benefit of a treatment for body shaping, the body care treatment which has revolutionized the aesthetics. This is Velasmooth! width=A high tech medical device indicated for the treatment cellulite and reducing fat from various parts of the body which helps eliminate the appearance of orange peel skin, increases blood flow and relieves muscle pain.

Has been clinically demonstrated that Velasmooth is the most effective treatment against cellulite and body circumference reduction.

„Treatment with Velasmooth body combines four different technologies, all complementing effective in the fight against cellulite: bipolar radiofrequency, infrared light energy, mechanical rollers and vacuum pulsed tissue manipulation”


To understand better what it is about, you can click on the link below where you will find a brief demonstration of this device.



It should be noted that this treatment is also recommended for women who are in recovery after birth.

Although, treatment with VelaSmooth is safe, non-invasive and painless, this procedure is contraindicated for individuals who meet any of the following conditions:

• Tumours

• Pregnancy and / or lactation

• Diabetes

• Skin infections, acute infections or fever

• Photosensitivity

• Treatment with anticoagulants or disorders vascular

• keloid scars

• Pacemakers


For appointments or further information, you can contact Mr. Sebastian Gongu (manager Alpin SPA) at spamanager@hotelapin.ro


In closing, we will list some of the benefits of this miracle device, but not before listing some of the artists who use it successfully, and it shows! Dana Savuica (looks like 20 years old, a beautiful woman with an enviable body, Demi Moore (no comment for there’s nothing to say. At her age she looks incredible, even better than in youth. Kim Kardashian (more famous for her butt and her relationship with Kayne West rapper. Do you think she convinced him too to use Velasmooth?


Thus, the beneficial effects are:

• Reduce visible cellulite

• Improve skin quality and texture

• relieves muscle pain

• Improve local circulation

• replace liposuction treatment

• is a noninvasive treatment that requires no recovery time, so that the patient can return to his normal activities immediately after each session


How long before I see results after treatment?

• After the first session. Reduced orange peel skin effect begins to be visible since the 5th session

Velasmooth treatment is 100% safe?

• Yes! 100%! FDA has approved its absolute efficacy and safety

Treatment effects are lasting?

• Typically, the results depend on the natural aging process of each

The treatment is safe for all skin types?

• Yes! As long as the device is used following the manufacturer’s




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