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Vampires – A fashion? A trend?

 width=Vampires are fashionable? If we were to go by what happens around us in the media … the answer would be affirmative.

Fascination towards this issue has no limits.
Even if in the past was considered a taboo about speaking in public is not, today we observe a widespread adulation which brought the term, subject „Vampires”.
Films on the subject of vampirism have increased considerably in recent years, films with a resounding success.

 width=Currently, films that bring the highest ratings are „Twilight (Twilight)” and „Vampire Diaries (The Vampire Diaries)”, both based on different stories about vampires.

Certainly many readers have read books that nostril behind the above scenarios movies or watched series.
Many teenagers identify with characters in the film, as many teen-dreams to a lover to have qualities of Stephen and Edward (movie characters). Their paranormal powers (read her mind, hypnosis, persuasion maximum) make you forget that it is actually a villain.

At least in terms of cinema, this fascination for vampires, comes much of the past, when vampire movies were classified as horror movies, movies that induces horror, horror, disgust, fear or terror, movies you meet such elements : vampires, serial killers, ghosts, monsters or demons. Generally, characters that inspires fear.

 width=Now the charts are like „the hottest vampire”, „the most popular vampire”, „most beloved vampire”, etc. etc..

There are many films that matter „vampire” Blade (Wesley Snipes), Interview with the Vampire (Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt), Queen of the Damned (Aaliah), Underworld (Kate Beckinsale), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Dracula (1992 – Gary Oldman and Winona Rider) and the list goes on.


Influence on this kind of film that had our prince Vlad Tepes is great. Or more precisely, his fame coming from the way her impaling the Turks or those who were stealing or lying.

The name comes from his father Dracula, Prince Vlad Dracul Romanian Country, who reigned between the years 1436 – 1447, Dracula – Dracula’s son – Dracula.

Few know that there is no real link between Vlad Dracul in history and modern literary vampire myth created by Irish writer Bram Stoker in his book „Dracula”.

The writer used the folklore sources and personal experiences to create a complex character who portrays the vampire Vlad the Impaler as a drink human blood, a monster, a love of cruelty unparalleled.

So, in short …. Dracula myth there! Vampires do not exist!
But people need to dream, or have chosen this path.

In a way I should be grateful to Bram Stoker fame that helped Vlad Tepes. If he had written the book after that there have been many film scripts, maybe Bran Castle would not have been so famous today.

 width=Celebrity who has brought a large flow of tourists village where the Bran Castle Bran.
This is a major historical connected with the royal house of Romania. The most common confusion is why that Bran Castle was the home of Vlad Tepes, which is not exactly true.

Crowned heads who lived here were Queen Mary, Princess Ileana and King Ferdinand. There are historical documents proving that Vlad Tepes was imprisoned for two months in the castle, but never had as a residence.

 width=This is a tourist destination every time you capture the beauty of places and geographic positioning.

In Poiana Brasov – Hotel Alpin and by Bran – Bran Castle is only 24 km which can be completed in 30 min.
Our hotel ALPIN carrying groups of tourists who visit Castle. In this regard, please ask at the reception information.

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