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Transfagarasan – the way the clouds


Phenomenal mountain road that winds along the ridges makes this route to be further proof that Romania is a wonderful country in many ways, a country that is waiting to discover.

At the initiative of former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who wanted to provide a strategic road over the mountains, Transfagarasan was built between 1970 and 1974, the official inauguration took place on 20 September 1974.

 width=The route measures 151 km, connecting the historical region of Wallachia and Transylvania, and starts right Bascov village near Pitesti, Arges county on DN7C in the direction of Arges, and ends near the village Cârţişoara, Sibiu, at the intersection with the road DN1 between Sibiu and Brasov.

The road is built over the Fagaras Mountains, the highest mountain range in Romania, which is part of the Carpathians, is an asphalt road near the tunnel near Lake Balea, reaching an altitude of 2042 m Transfăgărăşan is ranked second altitude in Romania by road Transalpina (DN67C) to 2145 m in Parang Mountains. About Transalpina will write a different article!

Road traffic is allowed only between July and October, the rest of the snowy road, dezăpezirea of being impractical. Even during the summer route requires special attention from drivers, because the road has many curves like „hairpin”, where the speed limit is 40km/ h.

 width=Also, there are portions of the road with rock fall hazard or a portion of road where traffic is prohibited at night between 21h and 7h (Balea Waterfall area).


Go the route of the following objectives: hydropower from Vidraru, near the city Poenari, Vidraru Dam, Lake Vidraru Goat Falls, crosses the Fagaras Mountains, Balea tunnel (the longest tunnel in Romania – 887m), then passes through the alpine nature reserve and Balea Lake and Balea pass near the waterfall (the highest waterfall in steps (68m) in Romania, located at an altitude of app. 1,230 m.

In winter, usually from November 1 until June 30 when Transfagarasan road is closed at Balea Lake can be reached by cable car from the chalet „Balea waterfall” near Balea waterfall where visitors will find attractive ice hotel .

 width=Transfagarasan is a resort that Romania can be identified. Scenic route consists of serpentine, viaducts and tunnels, attracts thousands of tourists Romanian and other nationalities.

Known producer of TV show Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said British Transfagarasan „This is the best road in the world! Romania we thank you this way. ”

 width=In 2011 the Top Gear in Romania have made a special edition of their show. There was great surprise when they came to my mother and saw the exhibition of cars that reigned in the Hotel Rex, or when they saw the imposing building of the House of People. Or when they were overwhelmed by a Dacia highway! I think it’s a joke though!


In Poiana Brasov, the Hotel Alpin up to entry are 114 km Transfagarasan that you will travel in maximum 2 hours, considering that all speed limits and road complexity.

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