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Tiramisu – indulge the senses

Have you heard of tiramisu, right? Yes, we are talking about that extraordinarily good Italian cake with espresso, wafers and mascarpone cheese. The one that you indulge your senses with, starting from the moment you sniff it to the moments it melts into hundreds of pieces of flavor, energizing you. To us it is very clear … it’s almost impossible to resist a tiramisu … width=

We thought of giving you some information about this wonderful dessert to help you enjoy it with even more pleasure.

It looks like the desert’s origins are vague. One which is most likely to be true is that the cake was made for the first time in the 17th century. History tells us that the prince of Tuscany, Grand Duke Cosimo III de Medici, who liked sweets very much, once passed through the town of Siena and a local confectioner decided to really surprise the prince and invented a dessert. Tiramisu. The prince was so pleased with the cake that he wanted to take the recipe with him to Florence. width=

Another story tells that the dessert was created by a baker from Torino for the Prime Minister Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour. Another legend says that the cake was discovered in Treviso, in El Toula restaurant.

What we did not know is that tiramisu was the first cake prepared with cheese cream and coffee that rest on soft biscuits. At first, it was called The Duke’s soup, and then it received the name by which we know it nowadays. width=

One of the stories that surround this fine cake says the cake was made during World War I, when women in northern Italy gave their men this cake to take with them when they went to war. This way, they would not forget the love their women had for them. In addition, the caffeine the cake contained gave them energy to fight.

Another story says that in Venice, courtiers ate Tiramisu between…. love games to recover and fortify. Of course, this story may not be true, but certainly, high content of caffeine can energize. width=And because we are convinced that now you want to eat at least one serving of Tiramisu, we will come to the rescue and offer an extremely simple and at the same time tasty recipe of the cake.


You will need:

6 eggs,

8 sugar spoons,

400 g Mascarpone ,

250g cream,

800g wafers


For the syrup:

black long espresso

Separate the whites from the yokes, beat the yokes with sugar until foam, then add Mascarpone and stir well. Separately beat the white until foam and add over the yokes. Also beat the cream and add it to the yokes and whites.

Then, in a recipient put the wafers soaked in espresso, then a layer of the cream and so on until the recipient is full. Then put in the fridge for at least one hour. When served sprinkle with coffee powder.

Enjoy your cake!

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