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The Olympic’s Story


There are 63 days until the start of the summer Olympics of 2012 XXX edition – London UK.
We try to figure out this article over how much we have strayed from the ancient Olympic ideal, as shown Olympics today, where we started, where we are and how well they have preserved their traditions.


Olympic Games in Antiquity
The first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece in 776 BC and have remained to this day a celebration of the best sporting performance.
Although we tend to associate with the sport, need to learn that in ancient Greece, at the beginning of their appearance, were a religious festival dedicated to Zeus.

There are several legends behind the Olympics, fantasy legends invented by various storytellers and poets of antiquity.


One of them is said to J.O. was founded by Hercules, the landing of an olive tree (tree became a symbol of peace and OJ) of branches which were offered garlands woven winners.

The first sample was a race sport running the app. 200m, then called the stadium, word which has survived until today.

Legend says that the arrival of Hercules in Olympia, the hero held a contest between the four brothers, but not having a facility, established him path, measuring 600 feet in a straight line. This measurement has remained famous over time, because the total is now 600 feet away from the stadium, which is 192.27 meters.
Since then the tradition is kept to be held once every four years.

Today, this could be considered misogyny or sexual discrimination, but in the past, women were forbidden strictly maximum participation in the competition, even were not allowed or spectator.

Exclusive participation of Olympic competitions allows male citizens, but not all social groups. It had to be Greek to be a free man (slaves were not allowed access and vagrants), have recommendations about their athletic skills and perform in prior home, training for 10 months under the supervision of masters (coaches) who was subject to training exercises very hard.

Athletes participating bodies appeared to completely empty, this is a celebration of the human body. In fact, the word „gymnasium” comes from the Greek word „empty” (Gymnase).

You can imagine what it would look today, even a demonstration of the Olympic Games, respecting all traditions?

Longevity carrying Olympics held long after the fall of the Greek Empire.
Unfortunately they were interrupted for a period of 1503 years (between the year 393 AD and 1896 OJ did not place).

They were suspended in 393 e.n. by Holy Roman Emperor Theodosius I, who considered the development of OJ a form of pagan worship, the worship of idols in shrines and denied and just reappeared in 1896 due to striving young French aristocrat named Pierre de Coubertin.


Maybe you wonder, cannot but know that in antiquity there were scandals during the progress of OJ An example of a fraud case is given by Calipau Athens in 292 BC to bribe their opponents the pentathlon, was later found and fined.

The largest contribution J.O. Olympic was peace, sacred peace that wars would stop causing fighters to leave the battlefield and to emulate the fighting or running tests.

Exercise promotes harmony and harmony is a Greek expression.
No wonder he remained until today the most loved sport around the Olympic competition it is the most popular sport!

Automatically when you say gymnastics, Nadia Comaneci and just say go to the girlthought that surprised the whole world with its evolution from ontreal since 1976 when hefirst got the maximum grade, first grade of 10!

Most medals won by our athletes was OJ edition from 1984, edition that took place in Los Angeles, where we won 53 medals: 20 gold, 16 silver and 17 bronze, this positioning us 2nd place in the world rankings behind the U.S.

We believe that we managed to boost a little, and to remember how important movement, especially movement outdoors.
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Photo source: Flickr (by earthdog, chrischase)