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The largest, the most expensive, the most ………

 width=I always wanted to know which one is the oldest hotel, the most expensive, the largest, the most of all.

I did a little research and here’s what came out!

We found a top of the most expensive hotel rooms in Europe, and on the first place was figuring Villa Royal Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens with a price of 36 088 euro per day.

Yes! You read that right!!

We are convinced that you are intrigued by this price, especially since Greece is in financial collapse for some time.
The above information can be verified. I found it on Realitatea Tv’s website.

How to cost so? It is not possible!
As a result, I started making deeper research.
I wrote them an email at the Grand Resort and I asked if it is true, and their response came an hour later: „We thank you for your kind message. The price featured in our website is the guestrooms that any time is available for guests’ prospects. As we do not know the article you have read, however, we do note have accommodation costing That amount of money. Thanking you again and Wishing you a wonderful summer! Grand Resort Lagonissi ”
So, the situation is very clear!

There are so-called journalists who confuse millions to billions, and thousands of Euros by the millions.

Let’s continue!

The largest hotel in the world is found in Las Vegas, USA – Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino along with the Venetian Hotel (both operate under the same license) have a staff of over 8,000 rooms, a small town where you can find everything you want. Restaurants, bars, pools, hot tubs and their own casino.


If you access this YouTube link, you can see quite a few similarities between the design of the Hotel Alpin rooms and Palazzo Alpine rooms, including bathrooms. This can only make us happy and be proud of our services and what you can offer to you a dream holiday on us, Hotel Alpin!!


The same can be said about Palazzo SPA centers.

Many of the services they offer, you can find them much closer to home, here at the Hotel Alpin -Vitarium Spa.

The smallest hotel in the world is Eh’hausl city Amberg – Germany.
The hotel was built between two houses, practically walls and roof were added. It has an area of ​​20 square meters, width of 2.5 meters and height of 7 meters.
It has one room and the price is 240 euros per night. Hotel staff said that „The ones will accommodate at Eh’hausl will stay together a lifetime”.
The hotel is fully booked a year ahead by tourists worldwide.
Japan is among the countries with the oldest civilization and culture. Therefore, it is famous for various things like being the owner of the oldest hotel in the world, yet operational.

From the top 10 of the oldest companies in the world, six of them are in Japan, and three of them are hotels.

Keiunkan Nisiyama Onsen Hotel is located in a town called Hayakawa, the district Minamikoma and was built in 705!! In the last 1300 years, during which time he worked continuously, had 52 operators.

2nd place among the world’s oldest hotel still stands for a hotel in Japan.

The most expensive hotel room in the world is found in the hotel Burj Al Arab – Dubai, known as the world’s only 7 star hotel ($ 2,000 / night), although the official classification is 5 star deluxe. Hotel officials have not ever used this qualification of 7 stars in promoting the hotel.
Before coming crisis, the royal suite could had been booked for $ 27,000, according to „Business Insider”.

The unofficial classification story of the 7 stars belongs to a British journalist who was invited to the inauguration, and was overwhelmed with opulent luxury hotel.

Burj Al Arab means „Tower of the Arabs” and was considered the world’s tallest building (321 meters) to the opening Burj Khalifa (828 meters).


Photo source:
Flickr Cristian Nicolae, Durango Beach, Le Marketing du Touristero.wikipedia.