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The heat – what it is and how we avoid it?

Not very long ago, wrapped in thick shawls and hats in winter, sunny dreams warp, heat, ice, loose dresses and shirts on. Finally, summer has arrived. For some it is a joy, but for others is problem. For older children, people with weakened immune system, patients must protect themselves or to be protected from extreme heat.

What is hot weather? How do we enjoy the summer heat but also to guard against the effects of heat wave? What are the effects of heat wave?

First things first.

Or when there is hot weather?
Everywhere we hear the heat wave: radio, TV, street, tram. It is one of the topics „hot” of summer. The heat is a result of global warming. Occurs when temperatures rise in a period up to 10 degrees above normal.

What are the main symptoms?
What are the signs by which we realize that we were affected by hot weather? Main simpotome occurring after excessive heat are fainting, dizziness, nausea, headaches, cramps or accelerated heart beat.
But hot weather is not only physical effects on individuals, but also mental effects. We can even say that the entire inner balance is turned upside down. Install nervousness, exhaustion, and decreased ability to concentrate, resulting in an unpleasant confusion.

How do we avoid the hot weather?
First, you should try to avoid to go out between 11 and 18, when the sun is strongest. If this is not possible, then we must protect as best we can. How we do it?

Here’s how:
A. Many liquids
To keep the body hydrated is to drink enough fluids during the summer. Doctors recommend you drink at least 2 liters / day. Fluids can be water, tea, soup, vegetable juice / fruit etc.) Avoid ice cold drinks. Although liquid should not drink coffee or alcohol, because it promotes dehydration.


B. Light-colored clothing
What is lighter? Clothes in colors from white and beige to yellow, etc..), And these clothes should be of natural material such as flax or cotton.
Another must-have when high temperatures are accessories such as hats, caps, sunglasses with UV filter sun.

C. Means of protection
Before you step outside, do not forget to apply skin lotions and sunscreen adapted to skin type and pigmentation. Thus reduce the risk of skin cancer.
For people who have many moles, very light skin, they should protect their skin fairly well before the sun is exposed.

D. Shower no hot or cold
There are divided opinions regarding the summer showers. Some say that would be cool, others are recommended warm. But here we should not be neither one nor the other. Showers should be the minimum temperature suprotabila our bodies, without experiencing a feeling of discomfort. Showers this must be done daily!

We hope these tips will not help.

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