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The best soup

 width=We continue the series with a prescription food items controversial, loved and challenged at the same time. Are contradictory, but it is!  Preparation we will talk about today is …. tripe soup!

The soup which has a mixture of tastes, feelings, sensations! It is sweet and sour and oily and delicate, seems simple, but it is quite complicated to prepare.
How many of you know that this wonderful soup is not prepared exclusively Romanian, a 100% Romanian traditional dishes? Probably due to the age he has in Romanian cuisine and the fact that is consumed with great pleasure, this did be considered traditional.
Will surprise?
I will give some examples of dishes which were believed to be Romanian traditional long: moussaka, meatballs soup, vegetable stew, schnitzel, vegetable stew, pie, eggplant salad, borsch, and in conclusion…. apotheosis wire!!!
Many influential Romanian cuisine come from nostril neighbors of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria or Austria.

But back to the tripe soup, soup that makes you cannot help to ordering when you see the menu, which is the perfect remedy for a hangover!

For a taste closer to perfection, it is recommended to use tummy bought directly from the butcher, but is more delicate preparation. You have to wash the corn (to actually rub) until it cleans well and rinse with vinegar water.. This operation is very pleasant and has a certain odor.
Therefore, many choose to buy belly preboiled, which we find in the supermarket.

The ingredients you need are:
• Beef Tripe – 1kg
• Beef Bones (ideally tubular bone) about 400 gr.
• Onions – 2 pcs
• Carrot – 2 pcs.
• Celery – 1 pc. small (if it’s too high or too long, change the taste of food)
• Bedding – 1 pc.
• Green pepper – 1
• Bay leaves – 4 sheets
• Salt – to taste
• Pepper – 1 tbsp
• Garlic – 1 pcs.
• Eggs – 2 (we use only the yolks. Whites you can put in the freezer)
• Sour cream – 250 gr
• Vinegar – 4 tbsp

Cooking times vary depending on the chosen belly.
If the butcher, uncooked, can take up to 5h during boiling of bones belly with vegetables + + 1h 30 min final preparation.
If you use preboiled meat, look at the bag to see which is the time indicated by the manufacturer. Little more than 2 hours for preparation of soup.
If using a pressure cooker situation changes…! Cooking time is reduced by half!
Never use pork belly or pork bones!

In a large pot belly and put the boiled bones. Cream the. Add the whole vegetables, peppercorns and bay leaf.
Let it boil until the meat with a fork trying…. it is cooked, fork easily entering.
Remove meat and bone. Julienne cut meat, bone is present in a greedy dog.
Strain remaining juice. Place fire again.

In a bowl mix the yolks with sour cream, vinegar and salt, and pour it slowly. Let boil 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, piss you add the garlic soup. Strain the soup again, because if we let the garlic in the soup, it turns green, leaving a hard look uncomfortable and change the taste of food.
Add the sliced meat strips and…
Good appetite and patience in training!

 width=PS In some kitchens it is customary to put in soup with sour cream and pickled pepper strips for decoration. Or, at least chaise end to soup, grated carrot lowest. Gives it a reddish color. This is up to you as I said, in the kitchen there is no rule. You are the one who make the rules! Let your imagination flow. And why add carrot quality if I do not like? Just because it says the recipe? I think not.

 width=Entire remaining vegetables you can use another preparation, like a salad, boeuf!
Serve hot with chili peppers. You can add extra sour cream, vinegar, garlic and horseradish.


Hoping I did lust (new to us already!!) We invite you to Hotel Alpin in one of our restaurants to serve a delicious tripe soup!

If you arrive in Poiana Brasov, we expect you to have lunch with us!