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The beautiful side of gerontology and geriatrics

 width=When we say gerontology and geriatrics, usually we do not think of something beautiful or attractive. Today we will show you the beautiful side of this Cinderella-segment. Today we decided to present you the life and work of Ana Aslan, certainly the most famous Romanian woman-scientist.

Perhaps you did not know that the Romanians were the first in the world to found an Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics – in 1952, at the initiative of this extraordinary woman, Ana Aslan (It was only in 1975 that such an institute was built in the U.S.). What was the purpose of this institute? One who is always among the interests of humanity: life extension, but not only this, but also its improvement. width=But who was Ana Aslan?

She was born on January 1, 1897 in Braila and was the youngest of the four children of Sofia and Margarit Aslan. At 16, her father died and the family moved to Bucharest. She decides to become a doctor and to convince his mother she started a hunger strike and then enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine. After World War I she started working with the great neurologist Gheorghe Marinescu.

Since 1949, she became head of the Physiology department of the Institute of Endocrinology, Bucharest, this being the start of  her career in gerontology. She began experiments with procaine (local anesthetic) in rheumatic diseases, with extraordinary results that are communicated to the Romanian Academy.

In 1952, along with pharmacist Elena Polovrageanu, she prepares vitamin H3 (Gerovital), a revolutionary geriatric product that is now patented in more than 30 countries. Then, in 1980 they made together Aslavital, another geriatric product. width=Besides healthcare, Prof. Ana Aslan has established a retirement home called ” long term home.” Because she refused to levy taxes to patients, Ceausescu regime imputed her 1 million and 500 thousand lei in 1978 (the treatments offered to all patients since the founding of the institute) and Ana Aslan is aquitted only 5 months before she died, after 7 years of trials. width=Direct contact with the patient was the secret of Ana Aslan tis leading to be so solicited for treatment by so many ordinary people but also various personalities? Charles de Gaulle, Fhad King of Saudi Arabia, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Pablo Neruda, Claudia Cardinale, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, John F. Kennedy and many others have been treated by the famous Romanian woman .

She was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the World Union of Pofilactica and Hygiene Medicine, honorary member of the European Centre for Medical Research, President of the International Association of Gerontology, president of the Romanian Society of Gerontology and so on, she has received numerous awards and honors and yet, because she treated and housed „bourgeois” personalities, members of proscribed family (Ghica, Duca, Sutu), at her death (May 20, 1988 – at 92 years), the Romanian authorities and especially Elena Ceausescu denied her last wish: to be buried in a Chrisitan way, and next to her mother and brother. However, the day after the funeral, at her grave of the researcher appeared a cross which had inscribed her name. A final tribute. width=Today, the waiting list at the Institute of Geriatrics and geontologie Ana Aslan is already full for 3-4 months, and requests received from patients from abroad are denied due to too many internal requests. width= width=Vitarium SPA – Hotel Alpin offers you anti-aging treatments with Ana Aslan products (Anti aging special). This program aims to detoxify the body, regenerate skin quality, slow aging, improve blood circulation, optimize metabolic processes, harmonize the nervous system and not only these. We are waiting for you to help you fight the effects of time with Ana Aslan products.