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Summer Cocktails

 width=It’s summer! Sun! Vacation! Beach!

As we rejoice that, in terms of calendar summer is over in just nine days!
I tried at random to find which is your favorite summer cocktail, cocktail to awaken your memories and to make you daydream to exotic vacations.

We found 4 cocktails!
Green Apple Mojito, Margarita and Cuba Libre!!

These are the most ordered cocktails and Teresa Alpin.

As the Englishman says: Imagine That! Sitting by the pool or in the pool, to enjoy a Mojito, shade, cool the background to hear the latest chill out mix by Alexxx DeeJay!

In the following we will present their recipes!


It is most refreshing summer cocktail is relatively simple to prepare.
• Apple juice (juice, nectar not!!)
• Half a lime
• 2 tablespoons brown sugar
• Cinnamon powder
• Ice Flakes
• For decoration: a few very thin slices of green apple and fresh mint
Cut pieces of lime, add to glass with brown sugar, mix them with a pestle. Add crushed ice, fill with apple juice leaving room for decoration 2 fingers. Decorate with apple slices, sprinkle with cinnamon and add some mint leaves!
Tip: For seasoning you can add white or vodka martini!



Is the most popular tequila cocktail that is based and has a single recipe. It comes from Mexico, Chihuahua
• 50 ml tequila
• 15 ml triple-sec
• 30 ml lime juice
• Ice chips
• salt

We need a glass of champagne. With a slice of lime, rub the edges of the glass until comple wet. Then move the glass edges with salt so that the salt is distributed evenly.
In a shaker put tequila, lime juice, triple sec and the flakes of ice. Shake well.
Pour drink into the glass carefully so as not to damage the rim salt. Ornam with a slice of lime.
The effect of this cocktail comes from his presentation, because the glass gets foggy instant on ice.

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Cuban cocktail is the most popular and favorite of Ernest Hemingway.
We need the following ingredients:
• 50 ml white rum
• 3 tablespoons brown sugar
• 1 lime
• Mineral water
• 8 fresh mint leaves
• Ice Flakes

In a tall glass add the sliced lime, brown sugar and mint. Crush well.
Ice flakes add just enough to fill half a glass, pour rum and fill with soda. Garnish with a slice of lime and 2 straws! It is absolutely delicious and you drop it!

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As you already knew, and …. Free Cuba is obviously origin is Cuban! For supremacy between the original recipe to give the people at Bacardi and Havana Club.
We need:
• Ice cubes
• 50 ml white rum
• Lime (you can also use lemon, but do not have the same taste)
• Cola Cola
Probe in a glass add ice cubes and slices of lime you squeeze, pour rum and fill with Coca Cola.

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These are the four cocktails that we present today. We graded as easy!
You can enjoy in any of our restaurants, the hotel terrace Alpine Club pool or CLUB VOGUE.