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Summer Camp at ALPIN



„What small-and great vacation, and I missed it was …..”
This article is dedicated to parents who want to send their children on holiday.
All adults know how important it is and the expected summer holiday for children. Unfortunately not all we are fortunate to have grandparents in the country to indulge us and make us all desire.
There are so many great things to do on vacation so you do not have time to waste.
If I try to do a ranking of the most popular activities, do not think I would get.
It’s hard to choose between a swim in the river to throw stones, to pick flowers in the woods after trying to make a wreath you (I could never: D) or read how you want the shade of a tree and then to sleep enveloped in the smell of resin and fresh grass.
Eeehhhhhh …. What good is it to be a child, you have no worries …

So …. Dear parents ….
Hotel APIN allows you give your child the perfect vacation, holiday and that any child would want it.

From Monday to Sunday, every day, another program, another fun.
• Monday: visit Brasov, discovering historic
• Tuesday: hiking in Poiana Brasov and surroundings, picnic, beach for mothers, for fathers offroad and baby karting and mountain biking
• Wednesday: visit to Bran Castle, the parents Jeep trip in the Rucar – Bran
• Thursday: learn to cook with master Egizio Romanian, barbecue in garden, swimming or dance lessons for children. In the afternoon, I walked out to the Hansel and Gretel, mascots Alpine House, 2 Saint Bernarzi gorgeous
• Friday: Transfagarasan and Balea Lake hike. Visiting the Museum Badea Cartan
• Saturday: Rasnov and cave trip to Valley Fortress. Optionally, you can choose between Adventure Park, fishing, riding or nature Jeep Trip
• Sunday: Trip to Lake St. Anne.

How does it sound so far? Tempting, no?

Reservations are made at the reception with Minin 24 hours before starting the holiday program.

In a group of 10 children, an adult (a companion) receive free accommodation and meals.

Now perhaps you wonder how much!
The price is 299 euros / child / stay. This price includes full board accommodation and picnic lunch bags.
Transportation is provided by the Hotel Alpin to the above locations.

For financial and organizational details, or any other details about the camp please contact them on the following:
Mariana Calitu: 0722,435,703.
Mirabela Barsan: 0724. 343,321.
Remus Apostolescu: 0727,431,873.

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