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Stefan Banica Jr. in concert at Brasov

 width=It is almost impossible not to have heard the songs a Stefan Banica Jr. TV, radio or tabloids, the artist is always in the public eye. Very soon he will begin a tour that maps 9 cities, including Brasov, so we decided to present some information about his life.

 He was born in Bucharest in an autumn day – October 18, 1967 and is the son of the famous actor Stefan Banica. He has 2 children: a boy – Radu Stefan with Camelia Dumitrescu – and a girl with his current wife Andreea Marin – Ana Violeta. His favorite actor is Charlie Chaplin and argues that the three words that characterize Stefan Banica jr. are: Let others. If you wonder what kind of artist he is … you wouldn’t know what to choose first: film actor, theater actor, singer or entertainer.

As a film actor, surely you’ve seen him in the film series „Liceenii” (Highschool coeds) (1986) in the role of Mihai, together with Oana Sirbu. But his first role (Gurita) was two years earlier, in „Eroii nu au varsta” (Heroes are ageless).

 width=His debut on stage was in 1987 in the play „EL – Drum spre adevar” (El – Road to truth) and he got to play in many famous plays such as “Winter Story” or „Dream of a summer night.”

He enters the music world in 1992 with the album „Un actor / Un rock’n roll” (An actor / A rock’n roll), followed by 13 other albums for which he received numerous awards: the  album „De dragoste” (About love) earned double gold and platinum record in 2002, „Zori de zi” (Breaking Dawn) received gold record in 2004 and „Impreuna” (Together) was named best pop album of 2009. width=Because it seems he likes debuts, Stefan Banica Jr.. debutes also in television as presenter in entertainment and for children shows. In 2006 he has his directorial debut with the show „Dansez pentru tine” (I dance for you).

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Brasov will enjoy his musical talent in a tournament where the artist will present a new album, but also hits that have reached the heart of the fans. width=The concert will take place on Tuesday, November 20th at 19.30 in Piata Teatrului. The new album that will be presented is called „Altceva” (Something else) and, as the name implies, it will contain songs „different” than the ones we are accustomed to by now. The album will mean a fresh, unexpected collaborations and surprises that the artist is eager to share his fans. About this concert, Stefan Banica said: „I say only this: it will be a highly energetic concert; can’t wait to see you!”

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