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Ski slopes and Hotel Alpin

 width=In the last week our country was covered by layers of snow of more or less height, is like a contest of who gets there first closer to the sky. And that to the delight of the children, but the big ones alike. Children are buried in the snow and they are so amazed by this immaculate blanket, that they want to feel it, they want to eat and want to throw themselves in it to test its thickness. width=But for adults, the joy is slightly more complex. Snow means they can begin their weekly visits to the mountains! It means skiing, snowboarding, mulled wine and fun. And Poiana Brasov is a great place to try them all. Not only is it the most popular resorts in Romania, but is also a major tourist center, preferred both by Romanian and foreign tourists from Germany, France, Italy and other European countries. width=Poiana Brasov has 12 ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty, such as tree-low difficulty, Kanzel – medium difficulty Ruia – high difficulty. In addition, you can also find 3 Glade trails for downhill and giant slalom, special slalom and one track for two jumps and an Olympic track. Slopes are equipped with lift facility, two lines and one gondola lift that provide transportation to tourists on Postavarul slopes. Seasonally, the slopes are supplemented with several lift lines more. width=The 120 days of the year when you can find snow in Poiana Brasov is a reason for joy for  winter sports lovers. In addition, in 2008, Poiana was voted by telegraph.co.uk as the most financially affordable European winter resort.

Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov is waiting for you to enjoy the winter in a lovely setting which enables access to your favorite winter activities. The good news is that we are always close to our customers and we want to make your holidays more enjoyable. Thus we provide shuttles that will transport the clients to the ski slopes. Moreover, we have 15 ski monitors that are ready for you to help you to fully enjoy this winter. If you don’t have the equipment to do so, don’t worry, you can rent from us

Ski equipment

Children > 12 years:

1-3 days                               40 RON

3-5 days                               35 RON

5< days                                 30 RON


1-3 days                               45 RON

3-5 days                               40 RON

5< days                                 35 RON


Poiana Brasov is situated at a distance of 24 km from Brasov and 164 km from Bucharest, on DN1. Transport can be done by car (about 2:30 drive from Bucharest) or by train to Brasov and from there by taxi or different means of transportation.  From the information on the website of Romanian Police, we found out that there are no traffic restrictions on the way to Poiana Brasov. We are waiting for you!


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