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Romanian Music Awards edition X – June 8th, 2012

Romanian Music Awards is the most important musical event in which are awarded the most important prizes for Romanian music industry. Craiova is a city with tradition in organizing this event. 2012 is the third year that the RMA will take place here, as in 2009 and 2010.

This year, on RMA stage will make a great show the following artists: CRBL, Viorica and Ionita of Clejani, Guess Who, Dj Project, Puya, Sore, Connect-R, Voltaj, Smiley, Giulia, Vunk, Grasu XXL, Radio Killer, Andreea Banica, Deepcentral, Fly Project, Deepside Deejays, Nick Kamarera, Alex Velea, Delia and many others.


Let’s do a little retrospective editions of previous years.

About RMA 2010 are very much to say. From my point of view, it was the most successful edition. There were many things memorable happened! The most obvious would be when the Connect-R appeared on stage with a white shirt on which was inscribed „I am Gypsy” and said that „In the face of God we are all alike”. Remember, right?

Also in that edition Inna sang a duet with Andreea Banica. The biggest winner of RMA in recent years has been Inna that detaches considerably in the top prizes. If in 2010 Inna came on stage with a car, in 2011 with one truck, in 2012 may have a parachute directly to the scene. We expect to see what would be in this edition, 2012, to see how it’ll be and if she keeps her leading position.


It’s almost inexplicable how this girl for 26 years, originally from Mangalia, managed to conquer the charts, that create real hysteria among fans in France and Mexico, and the mother country, in Romania, to be appreciated too little compared with assessments it receives abroad. Why? We leave you to answer the comments to this article.

One thing is certain, which cannot be disputed by anyone. In recent years, the Romanian music charts began to dominate Europe and beyond. Romanian music is heard everywhere, and those who were kicked off the guys from  Ozone with the song „Dragostea Din Tei” released in 2003. Maybe you did not know! Rihanna adapted Dan Balan’s song, and with rapper TI released the song „Live your life”. What do you think?

How many times it happened to you to be on vacation in a foreign country and hear everywhere Romanian music? Inna, Andreea Banica, Alexandra Stan, Fly Project … and many others. It is flattering that happens …. go! Admit it! Increases your heart with joy and pride when you say … „This is Romanian music, music of my country”!!

Last edition (2011) was held in Brasov. There were many celebrities who stayed in our hotel, the Hotel Alpin, and the time they spent here was described as the best quality, because here at Alpin they received the highest hotel standards, including one finest spa centers in Romania, Vitarium SPA.


After that in 2010 presented the RMA awards RMA with Connect-R and played with DJ Project, Giulia is on stage this year with a solo project. In order to be present in Craiova, Giulia refused a tour in China that would have made a profit of EUR 20,000.

This edition promises to be full of surprises!

  • Horia Brenciu is nominated for Best Live (Horia Brenciu was born in Brasov)
  • Liviu Varciu persuaded his former band mates to reunite, at least for one night, on the stage where 10 years ago they earned the trophy for best album.
  • Nick and Delia will reunite for the night event their band, N & D.
  • 3SE will be there also in the original formula: Laurentiu, Mihai si Viorel.
  • Presenters of the show will be CRBL and his wife Elena.
  • The show will be submitted online in 17 countries.

Hoping that you enjoyed our article, we remind you that you can vote your favorites HERE.

PS I forgot to tell you a gossip! The male who appears in Inna’s video ‘Caliente’ is really him, Jesus Luz, Madonna’s former boyfriend.


Photo source: Facebook