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Romanian discoveries and inventions


We use them every day without thinking that is their origin, these things that save lives or make our existence easier.
From aviation to medicine, there are many discoveries and inventions that are used by the entire Romanian population of the globe, which are necessary or are the other mechanisms and / or objects that we use.

But, whenever we asked what their origin, who created them, who invented them, when, how?

Stupefaction maximum is when we discover that you keep your pen in hand was invented by a novel.
Yes! Exactly! Wow!

So, do not come to ask, or just to refresh your memory (because we already learned in elementary school all these things, but who remembers them)? Selective memory of its duty independently of our will.

I disagree the idea that „Romanians have never found anything important” biased defeatist belief that many of us live.
This is not so! There are many Romanian inventions without which mankind would have a good image, an easier life, all in a beneficial effect.


We try to as showing you some of the most important discoveries and inventions Romanian. Their order is not important.


Bucharest was the first city in the world lit by oil.


Insulin – is discovered in 1921 by Nicolae Paulescu (professor of psychology at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest). Insulin is the hormone secreted by the pancreas that fulfills the function of regulating body of the amount of glucose in the blood. Paulescu is one that has demonstrated efficacy in reducing hyperglycemia and insulin to use insulin to treat diabetes. His discovery has saved millions of people.



In 1910 Henda invents Coanda jet which today form the basis of modern transportation safer, faster and more efficiently.
In 1880, Davies Vasescu car built steam engines.



In 1907, Gregory Antipas (biologist, zoologist, ecologist and professor Roman – founder of the National Museum of Natural History in Bucharest) presents for the first time biological Dioramas. Diorama is a spatial representation of a portion of the landscape that will display in museums, stuffed animals, models, etc.., In order of appearance of an ecosystem. (Dex.ro)



Gerovital – Ana Aslan: Two names that link.
Romanian doctor specializing in Gerontology and director of the National Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Ana Aslan emphasized the importance of procaine in improving age-related dystrophic disorders, applying it widely in clinical geriatrics, under the name of Gerovital H3 or vitamin. Geriatric product was prepared in 1952 and patented in over 30 countries. National Institute of Geriatrics Geronto-infiindat Dr. Ana Aslan was the same year and is the first institute of geriatrics in the world.



The idea of ​​designing the world’s first pen belongs to Petrache Poenaru, for which a patent obtained in 1827, calling it „pen portaret endless feeding the ink itself.” This invention revolutionized the field of writing instruments.



Stefan Odobleja doctor, creator and father of generalized cybernetics publishes in in 1929 the study „Transonic method chest” in which the law sets out for the first time reversibility.



In 1930 Anastase Dragomir, a Romanian inventor of aviation, has focused attention on the safety of aircraft, and particularly their passenger safety on board. This earned him the certificate for „Cabin ejection” – ejector seat”.


List goes on, but I wanted to point out some of the most important Romanian discoveries.


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