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Romanian Bear


The times when the forests, hills and plains of Romania were full of all kinds of wild animals and wild birds are not that far away in time. Simply walking near ponds you could disturb from their rest entire flocks of wild birds, and walking through the woods you could find yourself nose to nose with a stag with huge antlers.

Some of us remember playing cards with pictures of wild animals that have disappeared and our ears still hear tales about bustards, bison, aurochs or ground dogs. Some animals have disappeared – as bustard, bison or aurochs – and some will be extinct if we don’t do something to prevent it.

 width=Probably the best known wild animal in Romania is the bear. It is almost impossible to find one person who has not heard the story of the fox tricked by the bear or someone who has not been absorbed by the famous stories about bear hunting.
But as well known the stories are, so little is known on the real situation of bears in Romania. Twentieth century proved to be very hard on predators. They have no habitat, no hunt, they are disarmed in front of „civilization.” And unfortunately, the brown bear, the only species of bears in our country is no exception.

 width=The Brown bear, Ursus arctos on its scientific name, is in Romania from ancient times. Until 200 years ago, it was spread throughout the country, but then followed its extermination from the plain area for farming and fishing. This way, the brown bear withdrew in the Carpathian mountains. Despite the drastic reduction in the number of bears, Romania still has the largest number of brown bears, after Russia. Estimates (which are made without a well-documented system) mention a total of about 6,000 bears in Romania, which means 40% of the population of brown bears in Europe. But these bears live under the threat of extermination.

 width=Bears can now be hunt only with special authorization, but this does not prevent poachers from hunting them whenever they can. Therefore, various organizations develop programs to protect bears. For example, last year one of them started a program called „Adopt a bear” by the help of which you can symbolically adopt a bear.

In Europe it is forbidden to hunt protected species, the brown bear being one of them, the UN has declared 2010 as The International Year of Biodiversity, and in Romania Law. 205/2005 on animal protection updated and completed in 2008. Therefore, the legal framework exists; it only remains to be implemented by everybody so these animals are no longer threatened by extinction from human civilization.

 width= width=In Brasov you can see these brown bears really close; they come to the city in search of food. Of course, the meeting is a dangerous one, because the animals are hungry, but if you are in a safe place it is all worth it.

Hotel Alpin is waiting for you to make more enjoyable your wait to get closer to a bear in freedom than you have ever imagined it you would be.

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