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Romania – the top 10 best places in Europe to visit in winter

 width=Winter holidays are approaching and everybody begins to make plans where to spend the winter holidays and weekends with fairy snow. Stores already lure customers with their more or less attractive winter offers, some are checking their snowboard equipment and make sure everything is OK, mothers take out the sleighs or they go to the store to buy one.

But when it comes to choosing the destination where to enjoy the snow with their dearest, lately, Romanians chose to travel abroad.

 width=Interestingly, Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide in the world, places Transylvania among the top 10 top destinations to spend the winter. Yes, we are talking about that publisher Lonely Planet that published hundreds of titles that have the theme of travel, in several languages, ​​and which produces television programs. The Lonely Planet puts Transylvania on the 9th place in the top of the recommendation for Europe this winter.

Without further ado, here’s what other destinations the top also contains:

Rovaniemi, Finland 

Rovaniemi is the provincial capital of Lapland, and clichés established it as the official residence of Santa Claus. Our favorite beard man dwells in a cave in the Arctic Circle and can be visited for free (well … pictures are not free). In addition, you can visit the museum Arktikum to gather information about life at such latitudes.

Christmas markets in Germany and Austria

In December these markets spring up everywhere in Germany and Austria, but also in other Central European countries. They sell everything from gingerbread to bells and smile.

Abisko, Sweden

 width=If you want to see the amazing aurora borealis, the Abisko is the right place. Being isolated, it is said that Park Abisko is the best place in the world to watch the show of lights. You can also practice one of the elegant sports – skiing.

 Athens, Greece

 width=A place full of history, worth seeing winter is Athens. All queues and congestion and pollution largely disappear.

 Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the cleanest places in the world, called „the northern paradise”, Copenhagen oozes beauty and optimism, despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is ideal for skating, the central park Városliget Műjégpálya being famous for its huge outdoor rink. If you want to get warm, you can go to the thermal baths in town.

Jasna, Slovakia

 width=Slovakia offers you the opportunity to ski at very affordable prices. In addition, you benefit from a very friendly attitude, which in other places is not so well developed.

 Andalucia, Spain

If you want romance and friendly climate, then Andalusia is the perfect place for you. You can visit the Alhambra in Granada or Seville Cathedral, with acceptable prices and queues.

 Transylvania, Romania

 width=It makes no sense to visit Dracula’s castle during the summer, when the happy birds sing and the sun shines in the sky, right? Winter is the best season to visit these places when the sky is gray, the trees are leafless and the road is difficult because of the snow. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet some vampires! And not to mention the multitude of ski tracks that are waiting for you to spend your winter in a wonderful way.

 Venice, Italy

 width=Although it seems strange,  you have to visit Venice during  winter, especially in February when Venice Carnival takes place. Developed and strange costumes will surely please you.

We don’t know if Lonely Planet guide convinces you that you should spend the winter in the country, but certainly you should not miss Transylvania and especially Poiana Brasov in the winter. Here you have at your disposal 12 ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty (easy, medium and hard), an olympic track, 3 slopes for downhill and giant slalom, special slalom landslide and two jumps. And that’s not all.

 width=Hotel Alpin has you great offers, giving you the opportunity to discover what other surprises this beautiful place, Brasov area, has in store.


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