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Retrospective Book Fair – Bookfest 2012

Last week was a week full of cultural, fashionable and other events. In Bucharest it was held the International Book Fair Bookfest, 7th edition at Romexpo. This is an annual event organized by the Publishers’ Association in Romania (AER), under the aegis of the Federation of Publishers in Romania.

Bookfest is the most important local cultural event that takes the mission to promote reading and publishing quality products.
This year, the country invited to attend the event was France and his Excellency the French Ambassador in Romania spoke for the embassy.

We are all aware of the importance of French language in the Romanian editorial space and we hope that this year’s invitation for France and that is to me a great satisfaction to once again allow the already strong ties that unite France and Romania in this field, to further strengthen. As our tree picture books that so generously offer their fruits, I invite you to enjoy the tasting like curious and gourmand readers. Enjoy your meal and have a good reading!  said His Excellency, Philippe Gustin.

A similar event in Brasov could be the International Book and Music Fair, which ran from March 22 to 25, 2012. It’s kind of late to talk about it now, but I reported this for those interested to know the Brasov version of Bookfest.
The good news is that on June 10, in Brasov, starting at 19.00 there will be held a new meeting „Book Changing” where book lovers will encounter.

It is actually a meeting between friends, people who have come to know each other from one edition to another, to make friends. How does it work? It’s simple! Bring a book you read, tell everybody something about it and then borrow one! In return you will receive another book that seems interesting!

For more details, follow the link „Book Changing

Good news is that from year to year, these types of events are becoming more successful among the Romanians.

According to a IRES survey, 85% of the Romanians prefer to read. They are also followers of the proverb „Knowledge is a treasure.” It seems that we, Romanians, prefer foreign authors books detrimental to Romanian writers.


But what about today’s technology? It is true that the future of the book oscillates between ebook and printed book?
How many of those who read remained nostalgic to the smell of book’s sheets or the smell of library books?
If we look around us, e-books have multiplied like mushrooms after the rain. In addition they can be read on a wide range of devices such as tablet, iPad, E-reader, laptop, Smartphone and desktop.

Please do an experiment! During one week (During this time live your life normally. You don’t have to do something out of the ordinary) see what happens around you when you travel by train, tram, metro or plane, which are public places, populated. Places where you can find people reading.

And see: what are they holding? A book or an ebook?


Personally, I prefer them both!
I like that noise made by turning a page with your finger, but also the ebook because it is very convenient, especially when traveling.
They say that every book has its story so you can transpose to its magical world. Choose an appropriate book for a beach day and take advantage of beautiful weather outside.

Get outdoors, fresh mountain air, where you can relax within!
Please look carefully the picture below ….


Don’t you want to lie in the sun on such a chair, enjoy the mountain bronze, read your favorite book, drink the best „Green Apple” cocktail prepared by our bartenders? All this awaits you at Hotel Alpin Poiana Brasov!!




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