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Pampering and relaxation at Hotel Alpin – Vichy showers

Step by step, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and young boys and med are already looking for the right gifts for their partners or for those they want as partners. They want every detail to be perfect for the One. That is to be sure of their success. Ladies and especially the young ladies do their best too. They want to look great and impress those hearts that are to conquer or those that they have already won. width=An important part of the beautification process through which the representatives of the beautiful gender will improve the quality of their skin and of the subcutaneous layers. One of the most effective methods of treatment of Vitarium Spa at the Hotel Alpin is the Vichy showers. This is a very relaxing yet active way for your body. Vichy shower can be a stand-alone procedure, as hydrotherapeutic treatment or may be part of a body treatment.

 width=The principle behind these showers with a name so well known to ladies is actually the same principle as the classic shower. Only the procedure is different. Your therapist will lay you on a special bed, which could even be heated for thermal comfort. For the treatment to have maximum effect, the position must be fully stretched and relaxed. Above your head there is a stainless steel support with 4-12 bathhouse (or jets) whose flow can be adjusted depending on the desired intensity. These showers can have the program simultaneously or alternately. This means relaxation massage of all body muscles and eliminates dead cells. Thus, the final result is a smoother, softer skin and a relaxed, stress-free mind. In this way not only the body will be ready for celebration of love, but also your mind.

 width=People who want to have smoother skin, without any excess fat or who have problems because of a sedentary lifestyle, hydrotherapy is recommended in its various forms. Since antiquity were known the beneficial effects of water, that helps people to stay in shape and keeps them young and beautiful.

Hotel Alpin is supporting your efforts to give your body the pampering it needs. The hotel will offers you until the end of January, from Sunday to Wednesday, inclusive, a 50% discount at Spa Vitarium, which means double relaxation opportunities and treatment. Take advantage of this offer and feel beautiful and confident.

For the ones that never visited us, below you can find a presentation of Vitarium Spa. Click HERE