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One thousand times IYASHI DÔME

 width=We are so pleased to announce that Vitarium Spa has made its 1000 procedure with IYASHI DÔME. We are proud of this round number and about the fact that we managed to convince our clients of the effective character of the procedure. We are glad that the therapy is a success, and clients are so happy with it.

Although we have already written about these things, I would like to reemphasize what IYASHI DÔME concept is and what the procedure consist in and why is it so effective. The device consists of a capsule – like the solarium – which runs on infrared waves.

 width=To use it, you sit on the comfortable bed, pull the cap and your head will remain outside. At the end of the article you find a youtube link that shows exactly how to use IYASHI DÔME.

What characterizes this equipment is that it generates sweat using long infrared, thus activating losing weight, body detoxification and natural rebalancing of the body.

Heat penetrates up to 40 mm below the skin, acting against orange peel effect and skin aging.

During the session of infrared (which lasts 30 minutes) you will eliminate the same amount of perspiration as when running at least 20 km, but without the negative effects, such as heart disease caused by a long-term effort, endorphin excess or premature wear of the body.

 width=In this way, you eliminate toxins from the body, burn fat and lose up to 600 calories in one hour. It’s like running while doing sauna. What is strange is that despite the significant amount of sweat, instead of feeling dirty, you will experience a feeling of cleanliness. And it’s true. You will have a much cleaner body.

Detoxification diets are very fashionable at the same time being beneficial for our body. We cleanse the body of „metabolic waste” and excess of heavy metals such as arsenic, aluminum, lead, mercury, titanium and others, substances that are classified to hazardous substances if they are absorbed over a certain level. With the concept IYASHI DÔME you will keep the hazardous substances at a safe level.

 width=We hope that we were able to convince you about the wonderful effects of IYASHI DÔME concept and that you want your skin to experience them.

For appointments or further information, please contact him Mr. Sebastian Gongu (manager of Alpin SPA) at spamanager@hotelapin.ro


Link video about  IYASHI DÔME


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