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Oliver Pineda – The Salsa Champion – arrived in Brasov, Romania!!


Salseros! Vamos a bailar! How Celia Cruz used to say: Azzzzzuuuuucaaaar!

Romania, Brasov, Salsa!
You’ll be asking: what’s the catch?

This weekend (15th -17th June) will take place Salsa Festival „Step in2 Salsa Weekend” in Brasov – Eliana Mall. The special guest of this event will be Oliver Pineda.

Festival organizers are the Dance School “Step in2 Salsa” from Brasov.

 width=Alexandra Ichim (representing Salsa Step in2) with Oliver Pineda

It would be a shame to miss such a rare opportunity to be trained by one of the best salsa instructors in the world and miss the show that Oliver makes. It is totally captivating and incredible! Will charm you from the first movement!
The festival will include: workshops for instructors, salsa techniques, techniques pirouettes, dance techniques, salsa Shines solo salsa spin drills, questions and answers, Afro Cuban Rumba, Zouk introduction to dance and of course Oliver Pineda Show.

There’s a lot to say about Oliver Pineda.

For connoisseurs is very simple, but for those who do not know… is like this: it is like you tell a Formula1 fans that a meeting of Michael Schumacher will take place.
Although born in Australia, his roots are in Chile. It is Australia’s undisputed talent and practices this dance for 15 years already.

Methods of teaching are some clear and precise what made him to be one of the most admired and most sought-after salsa instructors in the world.
You can watch here a demonstration made by Oliver Pineda with Alien Ramírez Salsa Festival in Costa Rica 2012.

Or with partners of Luda Kroitor.

He won five times awarded the „World Salsa Champion” along with his partner Luda Kroitor that participated in „Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.
He is the founder and director of the most successful dance schools in Australia „Latin Motion Dance Academy” and most prestigious event / Australian dance competition „The Australian Salsa Classic.”
For those wishing to inform themselves more about his biography, you can do HERE.

I asked a dance champion how it should be, how a perfect partner should look like.
His answer was: „You have to be complete from all points of view. To be graceful, flexible, sexy, creative, fast, acrobat, sensual, have charisma and great stage presence. ”

Who catches the eye when you look at a pair of dancers?
She or he?
Most of the times, she does! We tend to believe that her dance is spectacular, but the situation is not so.


Ali’s dancing shoes

A pair of professional dancers is always regarded with admiration. If seen by a couple of amateur dancers watching him because he is attracted to her sensuality suit on and revealing more skin, and she looked at him admiring dancing lascivious and precise movements.
A professional dancer will always look at a dancer / a dancer wanting to study her movements.
Of course, there is alternative brain that tend to transpose you with the danceer on the stage, thinking about …. Could I do the same? How would it be to have the same movements? How would I be watched if I move the same way?

In ballroom dancing being decent is required. Therefore, there are strict rules regarding the costumes that the dancers will wear on stage: they have to match outfits, jeans cannot be used, competitors who wear skirts or dresses to wear dress socks, boys have to wear socks to suit.

For those wishing to attend or participate in the Salsa Festival in Brasov, we invite you to spend this weekend at the Hotel Alpin. We have accommodation to the highest standards, pool, terrace, fine dining and last but not least, the only nightclub in Poiana Brasov – Club Vogue.


Photo Source: Facebook/stepin2salsa