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Not so well known things about “Martisor” and 1st of March

If you ask the Romanians if Martisor is a national or international tradition, many will respond that it is a habit that no longer exists in other countries, just in Romania. Others will mention only the Bulgarian Martenita. Some say it is a traditional Romanian habit and that people around us have borrowed it because of its beauty. One thing is certain: Martisorul celebration is present in areas from the historical Maramures and North Bukovina to the border with Greece. width=Let’s find some things that are not so well known about this Martisor celebration:

  • Nobody knows exactly when this celebration was held for the first time, but 8,000 years ago it was already marked with a “martisor”, which originated in agricultural practices since
  • Romans celebrated 1st of March, month named after the god Mars, who was responsible for the protection of the fields, the flocks and was representing rebirth of nature
  • The Dacians wore “martisor” at their neck and it was manufactured of white and red stones. The red was blood, life, meaning woman, and the white was the clarity of the water and represented the wisdom of men. Combining the two colors in a string means harmony between the two

Dacians believed these “martisoare” were amulets as they believed they had sunscreen powers and brought beauty and fertility. They wore them until the trees were in bloom and then hang them from the branches width=

  • One of the legends says that a dragon kidnapped the sun for three seasons, until winter, when a brave man confronted the dragon an gave the sun to the sky and the people. Unfortunately, during the fight he was injured and his blood was spilled on the snow, so giving birth to snowdrops, those who preach spring

Another legend narrates how Spring walk in a meadow when it observed a snowdrop coming out. Spring wanted to help it and removed the snow around thus making winter furious. The latter sent a terrible cold that froze the snowdrop. Spring wanted to keep it warm with its hands, but injured one finger, and the blood stream down over the flower, awakening it to life, thus Spring defeating Winter width=

  • In the region of Moldavia and Bucovina, on the 1st of March women offer “martisoare” to men and on 8th of March women offered men these symbols
  • In Bulgaria the celebration is called “Martenita” and even animals receive “martisoare”
  • Russian Federation feasts on February 8 the return of spring and is called Maselnita and the most important part of this celebration is the pancakes, reminding of the sun
  • Towards the end of the nineteenth century, children received “martisoare”from their parents. They tied a silver or gold coin to the martisor. These “martisoare” were worn like amulets

Other “martisoare”:

The longest “martisor” in the world was made in America by 2 Romanian designers who have made a “martisor” of 584.6 meters long. It was made of jade, agate, red coral, pearls and crystals, which were mounted on ostrich and peacock feathers, and lace. width=

  • Radu Mazare, mayor of Constanta received on the 1st of March, last year, as ”martisor” a baby kangaroo which he named Boogie
  • The poorest country-women in Rasca, Cluj County, received from Ireland 2 years ago cows, as “martisor”
  • Anamaria Prodan, manager of a football club, received in her childhood a goat wearing a “martisor” at its neck

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