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National Salsa Congress Brasov 2013

What could be more appropriate in a cold winter weekend, when snow steadily fall from heaven? Of course, something to warm our blood. Salseros and Salseras, this weekend, salsa is at home in Brasov. Thursday, January 24 began the 7 th Annual National Salsa Congress or The Great Union of Salseros in Romania and will end Sunday, January 27. The event will take place at Hotel Aro Palace 5 * and is organized by dance schools Academia de Dans and Salsa Picante.

 width=Salsa lovers have these days the opportunity to learn from the best Romanian instructors, can be excited about the spectacular shows backed by top performers and take part in the 40 workshops. Besides, they can participate in the Jack & Jill competition where they have the chance to win prizes. Jack & Jill contest (U.S. term) or Dance with a Stranger (UK time) (trans. „Dance with a stranger”) is a competitive pair dance format in which competing pairs are formed by random selection of the leader and of the follower. This type of competition is designed to test social dance skills, while fixed partners competition tests the performance dance.

 width=Last year, at Salsa Festival, we announced the arrival in Romania of one of the greatest world Salsa instructor, Oliver Pineda. The guest of honor of this edition of the National Congress of Salsa is salsa band TUMBAITO in Bulgaria. Tumbaito was founded in January 2007 and within a year entered the latin top in Bulgaria. The group was founded by percussionist Kalin Velyov and has 10 musicians. Velyov studied Latin music in Rotterdam and together with the 10 members of the salsa band has performed alongside popular international names such as trombonist Jimmy Bosch and Frankie Morales. Their first composition called „Dark-haired girl” quickly climbed the Bulgarian top 100. The band was at the Congress last year and it was delighted with the hot atmosphere and the pleasure participants danced salsa, so they fondly come back in Brasov this year. More about this band you can find on its official website (http://www.tumbaito-bg.com).


Another surprise of the Congress is that Sunday, January 27th, during the Tumbaito concert break, instructors will participate in the „Battle of the trainers”. There will be formed 4 geographical teams with at least 2 pairs and up to 6 pairs. Last night the teams were given a musical collage of up to 3:30 min. and they will have time until Sunday to make a choreography which they will present at the contest „Battle of the trainers.” Foreign guests will decide the winner based on which team is more musical, spectacular, has the greatest appeal to the public, and the most beautiful choreography. The five musical genres included in the collage are Bachata, Pachanga, Reggaeton, Cha-cha-cha and Salsa.


You can find more information about National Salsa Congress on the official Facebook page or on the official website of the event.

Below you can watch a small presentation of the Congress:



Que viva la salsa!


Those wishing to attend National Salsa Congress can take advantage of the high standard of the services offered by Hotel Alpin. Among the facilities that our hotel offers to its clients such as elegant rooms, pool, spa and restaurants for all tastes, Hotel Alpin is waiting for you at Club Vogue, which is the only nightclub in Poiana Brasov and where you can have a great time together with your friends on the rhythms mixed by Alex Deejay, the DJ of the club.


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