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Mountain Tanning


Choose bronze tanning!

We try to figure out how is the mountain tan, to compared to seaside tan and name a few benefits of the activity that we expected it all winter.

Why is the tan good? What can we do?
Bronze is the amber color of the skin after exposure to sun or wind.
Besides the aesthetic benefits offered by tanning, sun helps to: setting calcium in bones, strengthen immunity, psoriasis cure, treating depression, provides protection against osteoporosis, helps eliminate excess weight increases the skin’s resistance to infections and many other benefits.

In order to get a nice and uniform tan, it is important to know how to avoid certain problems that can occur after sun exposure, such as: skin cancer, sunburn, allergies to sunlight or eye diseases.

Why do people say that mountain tan lasts longer and is healthier?
Because the atmosphere of the mountains develops a series of chemical processes the sea cannot offer.
Everyone knows that mountain tanning is the most difficult to get, but it lasts longer and is chic. And you do not need to have read it somewhere, only to feel it on your skin.

Mountain air is highly ionized and rich in oxygen and increases the body’s natural resistance to temperature changes and stimulates blood circulation.
Even the aesthetic is different between the two types of bronze, the mountain bronze having a different color.

If you think better, the best and most lasting bronze is achieved with patience! Tan that fits easily into skin.
It doesn’t help to stay laying on the beach, baking non stop. You’ll burn, get a big headache (sunburn) and all related discomfort. Not to say that your tan will result in maximum one week.


What is the ideal time to sunbathe?
Do not think that if you choose to sunbathe at the mountain side, you are allowed to sit in the sun at any time without any risk.
Mountain sun is stronger than the seaside one, especially in the last decade since the ozone blanket has decreased significantly.

The best hours are when the sun is more gentle, between 9-11 in the morning and 17-19 in the afternoon.

Another very important detail: you get tanned even if you stay in the shade and even if it is cloudy. UV rays penetrate the clouds!


How to protect against UV rays?
UV radiation affects the eyes (wear sunglasses! They’re not a trifle, but a must!), such rays create the basis for skin cancer and wrinkles.

Using sunscreen products should be selected according to their coefficient of protection and on each skin type of.
You should avoid sun exposure as possible in the range 11 to 15 when rays are most intense.

Sunscreen should be applied over the entire body, not just the legs and back. Must include the ears, shoulders and back of knees.
For exposed areas, be sure to use a sunscreen with high protection factor.
For example, nose or shoulders!

There are many people who use olive oil instead of sunscreen. The problem is that it does not protect against the sun, even if it helps to get a tan faster, more uniform.


How to cultivate tan?
What is the big secret? Hydration!!
When sitting in the sun, we dehydrate.

If you drink more water, we have all the chances to keep the tan for which we toiled so much!
Do not think you can replace water with beer, because alcohol slows pigment formation.
If the skin is well moisturized well, it exfoliates less.

Care products such as abrasive exfoliating products and peeling, should be avoided. These, if used, lead to removal of bronze pigments found in cells of the skin.

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