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Mountain Bike School & Rental



Be honest! When was the last time you got on the bike?
You can make a difference in your life and choose to go on a mountain bike trail in Poiana Brasov.

You don’t have to be an expert, who maybe wants a complex route.

It is admirable what is happening and we refer to how the ecological tourism started to take shape, in a powerful way, in Romania: mountain biking trips!


The abundance of nature takes you to fairy-tale places. Even if arranging the tracks moves slower but…. we are in Romania. We can only wait.

You can look at things differently. Take it as an experience to be tested, one experience which does not lack adrenaline (in fact in any sport).
But I must warn you that you can fall into the other extreme, it can become a microbe, a state of mind.

The Romanian bikers’-community is growing exponentially. You can search on Google and find  right away forums of bikers eager to share their experience.

Our routes are visited also by foreign tourists, attracted, mainly by the beauty and richness of the landscape but also by the adrenaline provided by dirt tracks. It may seem hilarious, but that’s what attracts some!


Mountain Bike School & Rental Center – Hotel Alpin, Poiana Brasov organizes trails with varying degrees of difficulty in Brasov – Poiana Brasov.

This means that:
• Each tour is accompanied by a guide who knows well the routes in the area, so you can enjoy the journey with others, without losing time with orientation. This is a great advantage!
• Routes can have duration of one day or half day.
• You will be chosen to be part of the group corresponding to your physical condition
• You will receive the necessary advice to improve your performance.

We will briefly detail the three routes.
1. Easy – Around Poiana Brasov (is a testing circuit and initiation of land containing the road through the forest, some mild downhill slopes, some mild climbing forest road)
2. Medium (more physical effort, technical level is high, participants must know the basics of mountain biking, climbing longer descents are fast but narrow roads and paths)
3. Difficult (routes all day long and greater difficulty)


So far sounds good. Meaning that for me, being a beginner, wouldn’t  work to be placed in a group of medium difficulty. I think it’s very properly thought. Let’s continue!

Equipment should not give you headaches. You can rent everything from the bike center, starting with bicycles for beginners, intermediate and advanced, protective helmet to gloves, knee pads, elbow pads.
The two types of bicycles provided are Hard-Tail (for beginners) and Full-Suspension (for those of intermediate and advanced).

The period during which mountain biking tours and courses are organized is May to October 2012
You have to choose programs of 1-4 days, or half-day tours to return or transfer back to Hotel Alpin.

There are three program options:
HalfDay1 (morning) = 9:30 to 1:00 p.m..
HalfDay2 (afternoon) = 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Full Day (all day) = 9:30 to 4:00 p.m..


It is important to note for those who wish to do this, to book by phone or email, no later than the day before, until 18:00.

For further details, financial or organizational, please contact them:
Victor: 0722 566625 or contact@g-form.com
Razvan: 0723 723255 or razvan@activeholidays.ro


Let’s start pedaling!!