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Medieval Torture at Bran Castle

 width=Starting with last week until October 14, the Bran Castle hosts a strange exhibition. An exhibition of torture instruments. Shivers went up our spines when we heard about it. But also this awakened our interest and we felt an urge to go and „admire” the strange instruments.

Bran Castle’s representative said that they will exhibit tool such as:
Iron maiden, Judas Cradle, Interrogation chair, head and knees breakers, saws, handcuffs and iron chains and many more which would surely be dreadful to think that in the past they have been used to punish people who were more or less guilty of any crime of the time.

If you want to visit this exhibition, the prices of the tickets are below:

Adults: 10 lei
Students over 16 years: 6 lei
Not for children under 16.

Curiosity drove us to seek to know how some of the instruments of torture were used, although the subject is not quite … relaxing.

1.    Judas Cradle
 width=This tool was the most horrible torture instrument. Judges reached terrible levels of cruelty. It was as a high chair with three legs, ending in a pyramid with extremely sharp edges. The unfortunate victim was placed on that pyramid, and its own weight and gravity carried out the torture over the victim. If the victim was not heavy enough, they would hang weights to his legs…

2.    Iron Maiden
This was a favourite torture instrument for the medieval inquisitors. It consisted of a metal cage shaped as a virgin. This sarcophagus had inside a complicated system of needles, which, after closing the cage door, entered slowly into the body of the convict.
But this did not bring death immediately, because the inquisitors had to extract the desired heresy confessions. The victim would agonize even for two days.

3.    Interrogation chair
 width=To extract confessions from women (but not only) suspected of witchcraft or adultery, this feared metal chair was particularly.
The victims were restrained in a chair, and they ware pierced by hundreds of needles, but these needles did not cause any fatal injuries.
And because such an ordeal was not enough, under the seat they lit a fire and heated the metal below the condemned burning their skin. Even if one survived this ill-treatment, the victim surely would die within 2 years because of the injuries.


Of course, we did not want to terrify you with these descriptions, although this effect was likely. The only thing we wanted to do was to remember you of a page in the humanity’s history.

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Photo source: http://www.bran-castle.com