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Let’s meet our past

 width=In recent years the idea circulated to all you know yourself, to know your limits, know where to live, where you go. It seems to be one of the trend-century sites. But how do you know? How to get to know who you are?

It is said that if you want to know yourself, you must know your past. Based on this case, I wanted to see what Barsa past and who were its inhabitants. And so here we are on the trail of archaeological sites in the area.


Roman camp Rasnov  

It was built by the Romans in the beginning of their reign, in order to keep an eye on access roads over mountain Barsa. It was discovered in 1856. With an inscription of Emperor Alexander Severus was the name of the camp: Cumidava. Inside the fort was found a large quantity of ceramics from the Dacians. This means that living near Dacians. In order to find a large amount of ash in camp, it was concluded that this fort was destroyed by a fire.


In the Harman are plenty of places to visit. From Lempes Hill Nature Reserve at Monument Romans in the two World Wars and the famous fortified church. But nothing compares to the history of this place is lost in history. Archaeological site here which includes a civil settlement from the Bronze Age (Wietenberd) and a civil settlement of Eneolithic (Hill scrapping) – and the list does not stop there – looks like a hearth area has been continuously inhabited. Research shows that the local population lives on the old Roman Dacia.

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Here you will find traces of Dacian fortifications. Crizbav Research estimates that the city was built between Romania after Dacia occupation. Saxon uprisings Crizbav is famous for the years 1324 and 1332. Diploma of King Louis the Great, the city has functioned as military observation point. Nearby you will find „Delta Transylvania”, ie the Dumbravita Nature Reserve, an area where you will enjoy the spring and fall of thousands of migratory birds.
Another objective of the area that you should not miss is Heldenburg century medieval fortress. XI (or City of Heroes). Here were found many Roman remains: Emperor Claudius coins face and ceramic Neolithic and Bronze Age. According to a specialist in archeology Daco-Romanian, this construction is very Dacian times.
The area is also known treasure seekers, who found coins from the time of Philip Arap, Roman swords and pottery.


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Distance between our hotel and car Rasnov is 12 km and 16 min.

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