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Legends of Tara Barsei II

 width=Happy New Year! Welcome to the New Year! The first days of the new year already passed, the holiday fever begins to fade, the children went with Sorcova and Capra in order for us to start the year well, girls and boys burned a pork thread on the stove to see if they are destined to be together, we had our pockets full of rice to have a rich year. Now things have already begun to enter on the right track, each of us consults our resolution list for 2013 and plan our actions to try to tick the entire list.

We thought we should start the New Year with another series of legends and buildings in Brasov area, that have a story to tell.


Casa Negustorilor (Merchants’ House)

In today’s Piata Sfatului, the wife of Valentin Hirscher, Apollonia Hirscher, raised a building dedicated to trade, called Casa Negustorilor or Podul Batusilor (batusi – small merchants who dealt retail). On the ground floor were small workshops and booths where artisans and merchants were presenting their products to their customers. The story goes that the Casa Negustorilor was built as a result of promises made by Apollonia for the fact that her daughter was saved from death by a gravedigger. It seems that the little girl was clinically dead and had been awakened after being buried, but was saved by the sexton, who was trying to steal her jewelry. width=And because we talked about merchants we must remind you the fact that on January 3, 1472 Stefan cel Mare granted a great trading privilege, namely full commercial freedom to merchants throughout Moldova and ensuring the security of their activities.


Witches Lake

Near the gate on Strada Portii (Republic – Modarom) at the exit from Brasov citadel, there is a lake where witches or women suspected of being witches were punished. Women were thrown into the water with weights around their feet, and the crowd waited to see if she drowned or not (it was believed that witches cannot drown). The lake was drained in the early 19th century and today is crossed by Bulevardul Eroilor. width=Rasnov Fountain

Rasnov fortress was built by villagers in Rasnov, Tohan and Cristian to take shelter in case of invasion. But due to water shortages the period when they could resist was reduced. In 1625 it was decided building a well in the rock on which is built the city. The city fountain was dug between 1625 and 1640, and legend has it that the well was dug by Turkish prisoners who worked on it for 15 years. They say they would have dug on the outer walls of the fountain Koran fragments written in cufica. width=We kept saying Brasov area is an area rich in legends and stories. As you can see, our quiver with places loaded of history had not dried yet. Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov invites you also this year to cross our threshold to discover stories of Brasov, newer and older.

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