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IYASHI DOME – a new way of cleaning the body


Because we received many messages and appreciation for past article on „Iyashi Dome”, we decided to go back to an article on this subject a little more elaborate, so we can better understand the long history of infrared waves.

Want to have a slender body and get rid of extra pounds?
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Detox Belts are very „fashionable” women in media. It is „clean up” the body of a possible excess of „metabolic waste” by using food complements, or teas that contain cells with properties of a specific plant drain.

Detox diet confirms the presence of heavy metals in sweat by using an infrared device that helps eliminate excess heavy metals from the body through sweat. What metals alone? On arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, tellurium, thalium, cobalt, titanium, vanadium, silver, molybdenum, antimony. They can be classified as hazardous substances if they are absorbed over a certain threshold.


Given the success that it has on patients tired or stressed by the concept of „body cleansing” it seemed interesting to turn our attention to a proven way to eliminate „waste” long infrared.

Recognition of heavy metal toxicity
These metals called „heavy” and potentially toxic at a certain threshold, are characterized by oligo-metals (zinc, magnesium, selenium, silicon) which are used daily by the human body as a catalyst.


Mode of action of infrared devices
In the early nineteenth century, English astronomer William Herschel discovered infrared placing a mercury thermometer in a spectrum.
In 1947, Japanese government invests heavily in research to look for systems that allow cell regeneration, due to side effects created by the two atomic bombs launched during of the World War II.
In parallel with these studies, in 50 years, NASA infrared are studied and where necessary to detect the metabolism and growth of human tissues, in the light spectrum.
These radiation called „radiation growth” are long infrared wavelengths, ie the wavelength is located between 8 and 14 micrometers.

In the 80’s, early days in Japan are made long infrared emission, with ceramics.
Dom’s then develops followed by Iyashi infrared Dome which is original, replacement ceramic, a mineral with a new technology, modern, carbon B, vegetal organic matter.

This technology has the advantage of better vibration resonance, infrared emitting with a wavelength between 5 and 20 micrometers.
In 1998, laboratory Shimatzu proves for the first time, dioxin (general name for a group of potentially toxic and carcinogenic substances), in sweat a subject spent 30 minutes under Iyashi Dome.

A session of 30 minutes may lead to elimination of up to 600 ml of sweat.

In Japan there is a tradition that dates back centuries to cover the hot sand in areas with thermal water sources, to purify and remove toxins.
Heat (infrared radiation from the sun long) was broadcast by the warming sun and sand with specific properties. This tradition is carried on today by Iyashi Dome and long infrared waves.

Commonly believed to be more important than the amount of urine daily amount of sweating, although sweat may reach from 200 to 1500 ml / day, a person serving a casual work at 28 °C.


The conclusion
2 ml of sweat analysis of patients who did 25 minutes of long infrared Iyashi Dome type, demonstrates the removal of heavy metals and simultaneous analysis of urine showed that heavy metals are eliminated through sweat better.

The first unit in Romania Iyashi Dome was presented at the Hotel Alpin.
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Photo source: Victoriasecret.com/ Facebook