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How to loose weight quickly and healthy? IYASHI DÔME – a new Japanese concept

 width=We live in a crazy, crazy world, we do not have time for sports, we are stressed and very tired. I know it may seem hard to believe but there is a way to lose weight fast, efficiently and healthy!

It is a traditional Japanese method, a form of therapy that helps the body eliminate toxins and heavy metals in record time.

In Japan, there’s  this a form of treatment as cure to eliminate toxins: Suna Ryoho.

For many centuries, during the summer, the Japanese are buried in hot sand in some areas of thermal springs, on the seashore, to remove toxins from the body. In these special places, the heat is transmitted by earth and by the sun which warmed the sand containing sea salt. Thus, by sweat, the body eliminates the toxins accumulated, sea salt intensifying the effects.

Toxins can cause headaches and discomfort. This phenomenon does not occur during a session by IYASHI DÔME, thanks to the ceramic/titanium technology which has the ability to break down toxins.

Ok! But what is this device anyway? How does it look? How to use?


If you are concerned with beauty and / or health of the body, then you will definitely want to know more about IYASHI DÔME, because it is a device that can be used by both sexes. It is not dedicated only to women. Gentlemen can also try it with confidence and success!

It is a capsule-type device (like solarium) which operates on infrared. You sit on a comfortable bed; pull the cap, still having your head out. At the end of the article you can find a YouTube link showing exactly how to use IYASHI DÔME.
The length of a session is 30 min.

And now comes the beauty of this device!

During the session you sweat as if you were running 20 km. You burn 600 calories sitting on horizontal, relaxing, doing nothing, without pain, without adverse effects such as cardiac risks related to long-term effort, excessive production of endorphins or premature wear of the body.

The particular principle is to generate sweat through long infrared to active loosing weight by natural cleansing and rebalancing  of the body’s. In addition, it provides an intense feeling of relaxation and even presents important feature against the aging of the skin. Heat penetrates up to 40 mm under the skin, which is totally against the orange peel effect.

The first unit in Romania where IYASHI DÔME was launched at the Alpin Resort Hotel & Spa and the inaugural ceremony  was also attended  by Mr. Uemura Shogoro .
First you get a presentation session, then a training, then entering the device. At the end of the session you will see on the towel you were seated, few spots appearing representing the toxins eliminated.

IYASHI DÔME health benefits are many and wonderful.

Your skin will be smoother, refreshed, you’ll have more energy, general well-being, stress release, relaxation, purification, regeneration and beautification of the body, weight decreased efficiency.

We hope that we managed to convince you about the wonderful effects of IYASHI DÔME concept.
For appointments or further information, please feel free to contact Mr. Sebastian Gongu (Alpine spa manager) at spamanager@hotelapin.ro