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Hotel Transylvania

 width=When you ask a stranger what do they know about Romania, which is probably the first and the fastest response? They knows about vampires, of course! And our country is full of vampires, right? Or so the foreigners think.

Over the years, legends about these creatures of the night who hate the light, garlic and crucifixes, and they have won a leading position in nearly all commercial areas. From the first film on the subject, „Nosferatul” in 1922 and „Dracula” where the main actor was Bela Lugosi – a Romanian-born American, to vampire-toys, themed cakes and costumes for theme parties, vampires and Dracula are present everywhere. width=Vlad Dracul

Dracula was based on the name of the Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes, or Vlad Dracula (or Vlad Dracul, as the Romanians called him). In fact, the one „to blame” is his father, who had received the Order of the Dragon. Because of this, he was called Dracula. Also Vlad was admitted to the order of the dragon. Vlad Tepes was extraordinary cruel and this way, around him there was a bloody aura, perfect as an inspiration for artists.


Romanian popular belief is that when they die, the soul of people doesn’t leave the body, but they stay in the surroundings and thus vampire legends came to life. These „undead” living creatures feed on blood. The only way to stop them is to stick a stake through their heart. And this way took form the characters in the dozens even hundreds of films on vampires. width=Record Sales

Today, after about 600 movies about vampires, the film industry is still fertile and has released a new movie on the subject. This time is a 3D cartoon – Hotel Transylvania, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. width=And it’s not just some cartoon but one which set a record sales in September – 43 million dollars. In just a day it raised $ 19 million. The plot is simple, yet effective. Dracula has a luxurious 5 Stakes (the equivalent of stars in the human world), away from people, and when a young man comes in the hotel and falls for his daughter the count exaggerates with protecting his daughter, resulting in humorous situations. How come the movie is a success? It’s obvious, is not it? The combination of vampires, humor and love seems to be … deadly.

And if we failed to convince you it’s worth watching the cartoon, you will surely decide going to watch it when you find out that the voices of the main characters in the film are played by famous actors like Adam Sandler and Fran Drescher and known singers as CeeLo Green. width= width= width=The film was highly publicized abroad; they even created a social game with the same name and have even organized competitions having as prize a trip to Transylvania. In Romania, the film will be released in a week, on October 19, 2012.


Located right in Transylvania, near sites that are linked to the name of Vlad Dracul, Hotel Alpin is waiting for you not with not vampires and silver stakes, but with a relaxing atmosphere where you can plan your trip to get to know or revisit wonderful places that shelter legends about vampires and Count Dracula. Alpin hotel is 20 km far from Bran Castle – Dracula’s Castle and 86 km far from Poenari – defensive fortress of Vlad Tepes. width=Sources: