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Hotel Alpin – premium destination of Romania

 width=What we think when we choose our holiday destination? What is our first thought? After our guiding criteria? We want our holiday to be a fantastic, unforgettable holidays that we have great expectations (even if just for a weekend) because we have invested time and money this holiday season.

 width=Order is not important, but what we all want is to be clean, to be civilized, to be good food, parking there, the hotel staff to treat you with respect and professionalism, to be a playground for children, possibly a pool to have the surroundings or visit the hotel said to be located in an area that allows you to practice your favorite sports, the hotel that you make available to transport.


This is at least a customer wishes.
But, if that location much more than meets the above criteria?
Gender…. allow you to organize a conference or multiple conferences simultaneously and to conference participants and to provide accommodation? Or you provide a full list of rooms in which you can choose the best for you, wanting to organize a dream wedding? For the meantime, over years and years, will remain with memories that are most important.



HOTEL ALPINE met these criteria and even more. And say it with pride because we have the most modern accommodation in Poiana Brasov.
This article is another presentation of our hotel, just a reminder for you, our customers already existing or those who want to pass our threshold, we, Hotel Alpin are premium destination of Romania!

This was proven formally in the number of awards for Hotel Alpin. I’ll mention only two of them:

  • Alpine 2003 Brasov company was awarded the gala „Champion in Business” organized by Enterprise Investors and BCR support ZF and Triple Helix Association. Brasov company was named the best in Transylvania.
  • The popular travel site TripAdvisor.com is a site that assists customers in gathering travel information and posting comments and opinions with travel related content. This year 2012, the Hotel Alpin Resort & Spa was awarded prestigious „certificate of excellence”.
I have to say to us you will find only club in Poiana Brasov – Vogue Club! Here you will find good music to the highest quality professional sound, special guests, the DJ and the resident to maintain the atmosphere together with our bartender who prepared the delicious cocktails in the evening will be spent with us, a nice memory unforgettable. And because to prove it, we let the images below speak for themselves. That it! A good picture is worth 1000 words!




Another strength of the Hotel Alpin is Vitarium SPA is the highest-rated Spa in the country. Here you will find the newest and most exclusive body shaping devices and methods, the most effective body treatments, relaxing the ge procedure you and your body, the latest body and facial rejuvenation treatments they use and the stars Hollywood, the newest procedures for detoxification of the body, and lots more!

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You’re welcome to us to spend unforgettable moments!
Hotel Alpin, Romania’s premium destination awaits you!!