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Horia Brenciu and HB Concert Orchestra in Brasov (national tour)


When you say Horia Brenciu, you say fun, good music, charisma and free manner.
Even if we all know, we’ll present you some important details about its evolution.

Born in Brasov on 08/27/1972, Virgo, where he kindergarten, middle school and high school Andrei Saguna, Brasov Arts School (piano and singing) and graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest (1998) .

Horia is the best example of multi-tasking. He had and still has the following occupations: singer, musician, producer of shows, entertainer, actor, television producer, tv producer, tv presenter.

Brown eyes, brown hair, unmarried, has a relationship since 2006 with the producer Alice Dumitrescu, executive producer of the series „Om sarac, om bogat ” ProTv broadcast.

Did you know that in 1990, while Horia was only 18, made his debut playing the piano, only later pointing out as vocal leader of Apropo band?

In 1993 begins his ascension as a man of television, following various collaborations with various TV channels where he presented the following shows: Robingo, Tip Top Minitop, Kiki RikiMiki, ‘Neata, Gong Show, Sarabanda, special New Year edition, Infruntarea, Asul din Maneca, etc.. And most recent as a jury of “Vocea Romaniei”

Most of us, when hearing Horia Brenciu still think of Robingo and the never-failing green mascot.
Horia Brenciu was the protagonist of „Robin Hood & Co.” play, a musical circus scenes, which took over 30 representatives from State Circus Globus of Bucharest.


In 2002 he lays the foundation for the project or the soul, HB orchestra, the complex orchestra of Romanian showbiz, the voice of its leader, the orchestra addressing genres such as swing, pop, rock, gospel, jazz, Latin and country.
In 2008 receives from Radio Romania International Award for „Best Male Vocalist”.
Launching his first album took place in 2008 album „35”, an article in which the artist deals with style funk and soul genres very little current music market in Romania.
In May 2010, has launched the second album, „37” album which send different moods: melancholy, nerves, tears, crazy, fun, and not least the sublime …. romance!
You might wonder why „35”, why „37”? For age reflects that Horia had albums from launch.

The next album will be titled „40” and will be launched in Europe this fall with FM. On this album and song will be included with Iuliana Puschila launched „Your Voice”. width=

Horia Brenciu is one of the few Romanian artists which attracts impressive numbers in his performances, becoming a serious competitor for Stefan Banica jr.

This year, only had four concerts in Bucharest Palace Hall on 4 consecutive days (22,23,24 and 25 March) performance only achieved by Banica jr.
Starting April 23, 2012, in Craiova is to operate a national tour through several cities, the tour ends on May 30 at Braila.

When you reach Brasov on May 8, 2012 at the Dramatic theater.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the theater ticket office and ticket price is 125 USD.
From the band’s setlist will not miss hits like: September, months doing what my heart says, Last Dance, simple things.

Will be an unforgettable experience, a trip to good music, and what you’ll like the most is how Horia interact with the public.
If you have not already loved him, surely you do!

(Photo source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HORIA-BRENCIU/227620527434)