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Harlem Shakes – new viral

 width=Remember that not too long ago telling you about Gangnam Style as the most viewed and most shared video and how everyone was doing parodies Gangnam style? Well, in the meantime there was another virus. Harlem Shakes raised in less than 2 weeks over 6 million views.

 width=Harlem Shake is a dance style that emerged in 1981 in Harlem, Manhattan and apparently was started by a man named Al B. The dancing style which Al B. described as a „drunken shake” was inspired by an Ethiopian dance called Eskista and at the beginning was called “albee” datorita inventatorului sau. Al B. described it as being exactly what mummies did in Egypt. Being wrapped in many stripes they could not move and all they could do was this shake.


In 2012 appears the song „Harlem Shake” of DJ and producer Baauer and in February 2013 started the Harlem Shake parody craze, the dance of the characters having nothing in common with the original dance in 1981. Baauer, by his real name Harry Rodrigues, started producing music at 13 years, and now he is 23 years. Below you can hear the Baauer’s original Harlem Shake.

Baauer – Harlem Shake

The idea of Harlem Shake videos is pretty simple: having as background the music song „Harlem Shake”, one person with a helmet / mask dances in the presence of others (that acts like nothing happens) and then suddenly, everyone is doing something together in more or less ridiculous costumes (usually they „dance”). During those 30 seconds you hear a female voice crying „con los terroristas” which was taken from an a cappella version from 2010 remix of „Con Alegria” by Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory and DJ Solo.

Unlike parodies of Gangnam Style or Call Me Maybe, these videos do not require much preparation time. And this not only because it takes only 30 seconds, but because that „something” that takes place does not matter. It could be anything. Somebody does something, and then everybody is doing something, but not necessary the same thing as the others! What is important is that nothing reminds of Harlem or the original movements of street hip hop!

 width=The first video was uploaded to YouTube on February 2 by amateur comedian Frank Filthy. Since February 15, over 40,000 variants were uploaded on the Internet, totaling over 175 million views. There appeared variants made by children, sports teams, military units, advertising agencies or grandparents. You Tube has a playlist of top 16 Harlem Shake videos and these together have raised more than 110 million views. And the most original and interesting of these is the one made by the Swimming and Diving Team at the University of Georgia, which has been viewed over 20 million times.

UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harlem Shake

Below you can find some of the best parody versions of Harlem Shake.

BEST / FUNNIEST Harlem Shake Compilation!


Harlem Shake (Florida Gators Edition) LIVE


Here are 2 Romanian versions, because yes, we did not got away of this neuro-motor disorder, as some call it.


Harlem Shake McCann Bucharest

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