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Golden Phoenix – the most expensive dessert in the world

 width=Have you heard about the Phoenix bird? That bird that self-immolates and then rises again from its own ashes to live another 500 years. The legend says that its cry is a beautiful song. The Phoenix bird was extremely rare and not everybody can see or hear it. Another interesting fact about this bird is that its plumage is very colorful and has a tail of gold and purple.

All these give this bird a fantastic aura and it has a special place in almost all domains from tattoos to musical scores. width= width=What about your first choice dessert? When you want something sweet, what would you choose? Fruits? Jelly? Chocolate? Most people would choose chocolate. width=And of course there is a reason why. It’s the fine taste and the sensation you have when the chocolate melts in your mouth, releasing endorphins and you feel as if you were “in love”. And everyone loves the feeling of being “in love”, right?

Keeping all the above in mind, let us present you the most expensive edible dessert in the world that takes its name from the gold-tailed bird: the cupcake Golden Phoenix. width=When you hear this name you instantly realize that this is no ordinary cupcake. And you are right. This dessert invented by a chef from Dubai is made of precious ingredients: 23 carats edible gold – leafs and dust, cocoa beans from Italy, vanilla from Uganda, organic flour brought from United Kingdom and organic strawberries. Strange combination, isn’t it? But its creator, Chef Shafeena Yussuf Ali, said that she tried to create something amazing, not just a cupcake. Some are very delighted with the result; others say it’s obscene, since the price is 800 Euros. And even if it costs this much, the cupcake’s shelf life is of only 15 minutes…and has to be ordered 2 days in advance. width=Obscene or not, this cupcake had a special presentation: it rested on a 24 carat gold painted Empire Morning Cake Stand and was unveiled on a Villari 24-carat gold plated Maria Antoinette Princess Tea Trolley. This is just for you to have an idea of the luxury that surrounds this special dessert.

Even if Hotel Alpin doesn’t have this cupcake on its menu, our hotel will delight your senses with various types of dessert, from traditional cakes to the finest recipes that will make your endorphins go crazy. width=