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Foie gras – a controversial French recipe

We love Transylvanian cuisine and we already presented you a small part of it. But besides local dishes, our restaurant menus include dishes ranging from the simplest to the most complex, all united by savory and refinement. Therefore, we try to present a wide range of dishes. width=Browsing one of our menus, we thought it would be interesting to shortly present you the history of a recipe of over 4500 years old: foie gras. Firstly, its name itself is a problem, many not knowing how to pronounce it. To help you remember that reads “/ fwa:’gra:/ “and is the term French for „fat liver”. This is achieved by artificially increasing the size of geese or duck liver. width=The recipe comes right from ancient Egypt, and there is even a relief which shows the method of fattening rates from which the liver to prepare this recipe. It was only in the Roman Empire that foie gras was mentioned as a distinct food. Although after the fall of the Roman Empire it disappeared for a while preparation in kitchens, that wasn’t for long. Gastronomy rediscovered foie gras in the Jewish ghetto of their cities and the French have made an art of preparing it.

In France, the liver is cooked over low heat because geese liver melts faster than duck liver, thus obtaining terrine, pate, parfaits and foie gras foam, often flavored with truffles, mushrooms, cognac or Armagnac. In American cuisine is served hot rather than cold. In Hungary, the goose liver is cooked in goose fat and then mash and let cool. width=If you want to get a traditional form of terrine called „au torchon” (in towel), wrap one lobe of the liver in a towel and then cook it in a bain marie. For a special flavor, the liver can be slightly browned over fire on sheets branch of grape vine and then slowly cooked in a bain marie, pressed and served cold, sliced.

In France, foie gras exists in three presentations: foie gras entier – one or two lobes of the liver cooked, semi-cooked or fresh, foie gras – liver pieces assembled together or block of foie gras – modeled in compact form and then cooking. It can also be stuffed avec morceaux (liver pieces), pate de foie gras, foie gras mousse and foie gras parfait. width=Because foie gras is a very fat dish, it is recommended not to be consumed in large quantities. Below you can find a short video about how to obtain the perfect foie gras.


 Hotel Alpin in the Poiana Brasov proposes you a recipe of Duck breast with BORDELAISE sauce and foie gras that will make you understand why this recipe has lasted for thousands of years until today. width=