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End of year thoughts

 width=We are moving with quick and powerless steps to the end of this year, good, bad as it was. This is the time when we take time for introspection, for nostalgia to recall or make our list of resolutions and when we put our wishes for the coming year.

We will align ourselves with these trends and take a retrospect of the past year. Hotel Alpin blog articles are not only related to tourism, we are not writing just about hotels and about us, what we offer, but we also try to bring to your attention other topics we think would be of great interest for you . width=Of course there were some articles on therapeutic procedures or relaxing in our hotel, about our restaurants or events our hotel attended, such as HR Revolution and Tourism Fair and curiosities from hotels’ world. But we also wrote about legends in Brasov area, we browsed the history files of Brasov, we opened cookbooks to bring to your attention traditional recipes of Brasov, and also national and international simple, nice, recipes you can easily cook at your home, including original recipes of famous cocktails and found some strange treatments around the world for beauty maintenance. width=Because we know that you are interested in the culture of our area, we announced concerts in Brasov area of famous artists such as Horia Brenciu, Madrigal Choir, Stefan Banica Jr., we informed you and talked about sporting events in Brasov, we wrote about the famous people of Brasov area, but also national personalities and we presented long forgotten or still present in our lives Romanian traditions. We didn’t lost sight of important events for Romania, such as Eurovision or European Football Championship, then we were with Felix Baumgartner, the first man to exceed the speed of sound barrier in free fall and we have shown an interest in your health and we offered tips to stay in shape. width=One other relevant thing about Hotel Alpin is that the season 3 semifinal of Next Top Model by Catalin Botezatu, season won by Ramona Popescu, was shot in our hotel. Horia Brenciu held a concert in our hotel and in addition, Hotel Alpin was appointed earlier this month as Fashion Hotel in Poiana Brasov.

And because it’s important for you to know that we do not copy articles from elsewhere and we never assume articles written by others, we assure you once again that all our content is 100 % original and authentic. And this is because we want to offer quality articles, accurate information that will be helpful. For this, a very important phase in the process of writing an article is research. We devote a lot of time to research our sources and information in order not to provide you inaccurate information. We assure you that we manifest the same authenticity, creativity and interest in preparing for our hotel guests. width=We would like to thank you for being our friends this year, for reading us, for posting comments to our articles, for showing interest in what we wrote. Furthermore, we thank you for visiting us and for convincing yourselves that what we presented in our articles about Hotel Alpin is true and accurate.