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What two skilled hands can do for Christmas

 width=We only have a few days left until Christmas and we can already feel in the atmosphere the delight of the children, but also of the adults who are happy like children thinking about the gifts they will receive, or who make their way around the city to admire the lights of holidays. People are better, more tolerant, laugh more and enjoy life more.

For those who want to add a touch of creativity to their Christmas home, we propose some special decorations, which you can make yourself, maybe together with the children.

  1. Buttons ornament width=

This decoration is very easy to make and the result is great. You need round polystyrene foam, many buttons of all shapes and colors and even more needles with large and colorful gamut. After gathering all these “ingredients”, you can start sticking needles into the foam balls. For a more interesting visual effect, use 2 buttons of different sizes for each inserted needle. When you have covered the entire ball, attach a unique-color bow to hang the ornament.

2.   Spruce of ribbons


For a nice tree, you need a little felt, needles, glue, scissors, a polystyrene foam cone and red and green ribbon. First, cut a round piece of felt that you will glue to the bottom of the foam cone. Then cut the ribbons into strips of 10 cm each. Fold the ribbons and fix them with pins on the cone, starting from the base of the cone. All ribbons on a row must have the same color. Continue to pin the ribbons until you reach the top of the cone. Cover the visible needles from the top of the cone with a ribbon wide enough to cover them well. As a top for the Christmas tree, you can use a gift bow that you can attach to the cone with safety pins.

3.   Star made of clothes hooks


A simple but nice fir decoration. You need a few clothes hooks that you have to paint with a spray paint, and then glue the hooks together in the shape of a star. Simple, right?

 4.   Place the cake tins on the tree


Paste cutouts from photos, wrapping paper or anything else you have on hand on the cake forms. Tie a ribbon so you can hang the ornament on the tree.

 5.   Lego globes


If you have children, you definitely have Lego bricks. You can have fun together with children making Lego globes. Finally, glue a bow on which to hang the unique globe.

 6.   The crown of the electrician


If you work in the field of electronics or if you simply want to amaze your friends with your creativity, we have the solution. Tie or glue electronic components to a fir tree crown. At the end, add a cable bow, for a guaranteed effect.

We hope you liked our collection of original decorations that can easily be made at home by you.

We are waiting for you to spend Christmas at Hotel Alpin Poiana Brașov, where we use our creativity to the maximum to be able to offer our guests unforgettable moments.