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Three ways of spending Easter at Alpin

Let’s start with an imagination exercise. You wake up in the morning with the smell of Easter pastry and coffee, and the Easter table with traditional dishes awaits you already arranged. The air is still cold, but the warm light warms you as you look at the mountains in the distance. This is just a preview of what the Easter holidays spent at Hotel Alpin could look like, but our hotel has prepared several activities to ensure that your holiday is a memorable one.

#1 Unique culinary treat

Everyone can have different opinions on what makes the holidays a success, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all answer. For some it’s about reuniting the family and making memories with loved ones. For others it’s about food and relaxation. To make sure that we please everyone and that you live unique moments, we have prepared a special Resurrection platter. We understand that the Easter holiday is a special time that deserves to be spent as a family and requires privacy or quiet to better connect with loved ones. For this reason, the platter is served right in your or . We take care of everything so that you can relax and focus on what matters.

#2 Experiences for the whole family

We know that for many of you the Easter holidays mean family and moments spent with loved ones. When it comes to family, most of the time, children are indispensable, and their overflowing energy can be overwhelming. We have prepared for this and organized many activities to keep them busy and most importantly – happy! To give you a hint, we will tell you that whoever gets up in the morning catches the bunny! By now you’ve probably already guessed that it’s about a meeting with the bunny and the inevitable egg hunt that the little ones look forward to. We recommend parents to prepare their cameras to immortalize these moments!

#3 Relaxing in the pool

While the children are busy and have their full attention on the bunny, the adults can enjoy other activities that will ensure an unforgettable experience. We suggest you try our semi-Olympic swimming pool to which all guests have free access. Whether you want to swim for exercise or sit on a deck chair and read a book while enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh mountain air, we are ready for everything! If you are worried that April is not the right month for outdoor swimming, we assure you that our pool is heated and perfect for use whatever the season.

These are just some of the ways you can spend Easter at Alpin and we invite you to come to us to discover what other surprises we have prepared. You just need to bring the good will and we take care of the rest for you to have a memorable experience!

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