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The mirage of Brașov

As you surely noticed, Alpin Hotel Poiana Brașov wants not only to present you the beauties of the country and ways to maintain your beauty, but also the cultural and social life of the Brașov area. We want to encourage you to discover another side of beauty and the passion for beauty.

One of the cultural events in Brașov is the National Photographic Exhibition “Mirajul Fotografiei” (The Mirage of Photography). The name of the exhibition is given by the online group with the same name, founded in 2011 and which has gathered a number of over 3,300 members from all corners of the world, all animated by the same passion: photography.

This exhibition is one of the few itinerant exhibitions this year, being special in the fact that a group of amateur or professional photographers, who met through Facebook, managed to create an exhibition in real life, not just in the virtual one.

The exhibition also aims to celebrate 2 years of the Mirage of Photography in the online environment, during which friendships were formed between the members of the group, photographic meetings took place or meetings to strengthen the friendship between them.


Until now, the exhibition has reached 6 of the country’s cities: Pitești, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Brăila, Bucharest, Bistrița Năsăud, Iași. The tour around the country ends with the city of Brașov.

Starting today, December 11 and until December 18, you can cross the threshold of the Reduta Cultural Center to feast your eyes. The exhibited photos are not necessarily the best of the authors, but they are works of the soul, thoughts on sight that want to create an emotion, a life.

The opening of the exhibition takes place on December 14 at 5:00 p.m. Entry is free, and the exhibited works can be purchased if desired. An important thing that must be mentioned is the fact that in this exhibition there is also the work of a Brașov resident, Laurențiu Vasiliu – “Self-Search”.

Because we want to pique your curiosity, we present only 4 of the works and some of their technical data.


Photographer: NICOLETA PREDA

Photo name: Once upon a time

Technical data: ISO 200, NIKON 18-105 lens

Location: Taormina – Sicily, Italy

Details: This little girl was for Mrs. Preda the muse of the period in which he was in Taormina. The expressiveness and the perfect silent dialogue between the subject and the photographer led to the appearance of some photographs that the author really liked.

 width=Photographer: GALIA DAN

Photo name: Border

Technical data: ISO 400, NIKON D90, objective 17.0-50.0 mm, f/2.8, exposure time 1/160, F/6.3

Location: Sirnea village

Details: Ms. Galia explained to Hotel Alpin that the photo was taken at 6 in the morning, at -10 degrees. The author also explained to us that the photo shows the fragile border between here and beyond or how symbolic the border in the country can be between two properties where there is only land, as far as the eye can see, about the trust between neighbors.



Photo name: Flow of time

Technical data: Canon EOS 1Dx, f/5.6, exposure time 1/60s, focal length 90mm, iso 1600, Canon lens 24-105L

Details: Mr. Grososiu explained to us some of his thoughts regarding photography: “The position of the body leads to the thought of an hourglass; time gathers at the bottom of the form.” The idea that Mr. Grososiu wanted to convey is that beauty is ephemeral, like the flow of sand in an hourglass.



Photo name: Dreamscapes

Technical data: Nikon D80, F-stop f/5/6, exposure time 1/125s, focal length 70mm, ISO 640

Details: Ms. Petrescu could not hold back his gaze full of warmth directed at his photo, because a child with big, blue eyes is looking at it melancholic from there. Ms. Petrescu told us about the eyes of a child and the multitude of universes and dreams that you can see in a single glance of a small human being. He also mentioned that the world would be a better place if we allowed ourselves to be children more.

All you need to serve a portion of beauty is to have a delicious and hearty breakfast served in a dreamy decor at one of the restaurants of the Alpin Hotel and a 15-20 minutes ride by car to Brașov.



Photo sources

Photos from the personal archive of the photographers offered especially for Hotel Alpin.