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The Medieval Fortress of Sighișoara

 width=Romania, a country with a golden past and an uncertain future, blessed by God with a wonderful landscape, with mountains, the Danube and the sea, is the perfect place for an unforgettable vacation. In the heart of the country, in a land where myth meets reality, Sighișoara, the only inhabited medieval fortress in N-E Europe, invites you to find out its story, to close your eyes and for a moment to go back in time.
 width=The medieval fortress of Sighișoara, being the silent witness of many battles that marked history, of hidden loves, of broken hopes, writes its story from the 13th century when it rises as a proud fortification with 15 defense towers, 5 artillery bastions and massive walls that managed to defend the fortress from the invaders.
 width=Nowadays, by stopping in Sighișoara you can admire only 9 towers and 3 bastions as well as parts of the fortified wall. But the medieval air embraces you immediately. Surely the confident and slightly jovial voice of the well-known drummer who announces the events in the city, as well as the sound of the clock in the Clock Tower, as if from another era, will make you slide along the course of the story.
 width=The gate of history opens right in front of you the moment you stop in Sighișoara. Warm and very welcoming people, very well-trained guides, will tell you stories, sometimes with a mythical touch, about the city where they live. You will definitely feel attracted and want to hear more when you’ll find out that Vlad Țepeș is said to have been born here. Vlad Dracul’s house is one of the favorite attractions of tourists because this is the place where Prince Vlad Dracul, father of Vlad Țepeș, is supposed to have settled between the years 1431-1435. As some historians say, this would have been the first residence of the bloody ruler.
 width=When you learn the story of the most important tower of the fortress, namely the Clock Tower, your imagination will surely take flight. Built to defend the fortress, this tower has, on the fourth floor, a clock, unique in the world, due to its figurines. Also there, as in a chorus of dreams, 7 dolls are placed on a rotating disk, signifying the days of the week. At 12 o’clock, every day, the doll that represents the day that has just passed, gives way to the doll that signifies the current day. In the past, this game of figurines in the tower was believed to be controlled by a magical power.
 width=The beauty of the Orthodox Cathedral, the House with the Deer, the immortal stories behind them, the pristine faith of the Church on the Hill and the cultural charge of the History Museum will certainly make you want to return to the fairytale land of the medieval Citadel of Sighișoara.
 width=If you chose to spend your vacation in Poiana Brașov, at Hotel Alpin where quality and relaxation are at home, it is worth choosing to visit Sighișoara Citadel as well. At only 128 km, on a route that will delight your eyes thanks to the superb landscape, you will be able to truly enjoy your vacation, seeing the hidden treasures of our country.
 width=In the heart of the mountains, Romania’s history is like an open book waiting to be read. Give your soul a joy, taking advantage of the luxury offered by the Alpin hotel, then load up on knowledge by visiting the Sighișoara Citadel.

Don’t forget the words of the great Nicolae Iorga:

“A nation that does not know its history is like a child that does not know its parents.”
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