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The fortress on the Sentry (Cetățuia de pe Strajă)

Romania is a beautiful country, with breathtaking landscapes and people who exude optimism. Fierce battles were fought for this country throughout history that defended it from the peoples who yearned for its beauty and wealth.

The traces of these battles are still visible today, in the form of historical monuments, of some fortresses that have withstood the passage of time just to tell us, in a special way, what a beautiful country it is and what a glorious past it has.  width=Such a place is located in Brașov, resisting for over 500 years, keeping its charm and grandeur. The fortress on the Sentry, because we’re talking about it, it’s a tourist point that you should not ignore, representing a pleasant way to get to know your history. Historians say that this Citadel was first, in the 15th century, just a watch tower that was completed in 1524 with a wooden bastion with four towers. It did not last very long, being completely destroyed in 1529 by the army of Petru Rareș.

In 1630, the fortress on the Sentry, once again becomes an important point of defense, consisting of 4 bastions, which impressed with their greatness and imposingness. From the 17th century this place loses its importance, becoming the barracks of the guardsmen and then from the 18th century until 1975 a warehouse for the Brașov State Archives.

Telling its story in sadness and silence, the voice of the Fortress on the Sentry, is heard in 1981 when an extensive restoration of the place takes place, being transformed into a tourist complex with a medieval character that attracts many foreign tourists thirsty for knowledge. Today, the fortress on the Sentry represents a witness to the written and unwritten history that, if it could, it would certainly tell us. It is said that true acts of bravery are not written in the history books, sometimes they are waiting to be discovered, being present among us even after hundreds of years.
 width= width=Hotel Alpin invites its customers to stop in the Fortress on the Sentry, for an afternoon to learn more and to receive another reason why they should be proud to be Romanians. Choose to spend your vacation in a pleasant way, choose to enjoy your body, indulge your senses, but also satisfy your mind, thus turning your vacation days into a memory that is hard to forget.

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