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IYASHI DOME therapy – a pact with health


With the first warmer days of this year, we start thinking about our spring wardrobe. Many people realize on this occasion that winter left us not only beautiful memories, but also a few extra kilos. It’s normal.

The summer months are fast approaching and we must think of an effective plan to get rid of excess weight or simply to regain our vitality. The earlier we start, the more lasting the effects will be.

Magic diets are a danger.

Magical solutions or diets, which promise us that we will lose as many kilos as possible in the shortest possible time, are not recommended by specialists. It only works for a few days, after which we will accumulate a double number of kilograms.

Daily stress favors the development of toxins in the body. We often face headaches or insomnia. These are some of the signs that toxins and heavy metals in our body have reached alarming levels. The body tries to defend itself, and its first reaction is to retain water to dilute them. Hence the “feeling of heaviness” that many talk about. Before reaching saturation, the body produces fat and thus we notice the increase in kilograms. Heavy metals cannot mix with water. Instead, they are assimilated by fat cells.

If we choose an active lifestyle, with a lot of sports, unfortunately the sweat generated does not have the ability to eliminate these heavy metals and toxins from the body.


Revolutionary Japanese technology

So, what options do we have? The most suitable choice is the IYASHI DÔME therapy that promises to burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. In other words, the effects of IYASHI DÔME are the same as those obtained after 20 kilometers of jogging.

The innovation consists in the fact that there are no side effects, such as an excess of endorphins, active oxygen or an increase in cardiac risk.

The revolutionary IYASHI DÔME technology was invented by Japanese scientists. The organic therapy proposed by them starts from long infrared rays that make regeneration and slimming possible by maintaining the internal balance of the body.

A 30-minute IYASHI DÔME session means the elimination of 1200 ml of water from the body in the form of sweat. The resulting sweat is so consistent that studies show that it also removes heavy metals from the body. The heat penetrates up to 4 cm under the skin and stimulates blood circulation, leading to the homogeneous spread of heat throughout the body. In this way, the skin is deeply purified and toned.

IYASHI DÔME – Innovation for health

The main benefits of the IYASHI DÔME therapy are:

  • the ceramic/titanium technology of IYASHI DÔME helps the decomposition, followed by the elimination of toxins and heavy metals from the body, through perspiration;
  • eliminating stress and gaining a state of well-being;
  • purifying and restoring the vitality of the body;
  • visible weight loss (sweating caused by organic infrared waves starts from a VEGETABLE BASE);
  • restoring the balance of the body without hassle and additional efforts.


The innovative IYASHI DÔME therapy – for the first time in Romania at ALPIN RESORT HOTEL Poiana Brasov

The revolutionary IYASHI DÔME technology is present in prestigious SPAs and Hotel Resorts all over the world. For the first time in Romania, ALPIN RESORT HOTEL Poiana Brasov makes the miraculous benefits of this therapy accessible to all its customers.

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